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Just For Show by Julie Hamilton

received from Netgalley number of pages 384 published December 28th 2021 by HARLEQUIN - Carina Press genre romance, contemporary, adult rating 💜💜💜 cover 💙💙 Audrey flies first class for the first time and just so happened to sit next to a handsome stranger, Luke. They flirt the entire flight, but before he can ask her out, she is gone. So he tweets about her. :) And just so happens that the tweet goes viral. They manage to reconnect, but the TV network wants to use his romance to promote shows.  Audrey is shocked and the attention the tweet is getting but start to see how all of that attention could help her launch her new business, so they decide to fake it. :)  But sparks fly no matter the deal they have. :) It's a lovely story, but I had the hardest time getting into it. The writing wasn't my favourite. Goodreads  || Amazon happy reading, anie Follow @anie_1027 Anie

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