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Passion Punch by Tricia Leedom

I was hoping for April's story since book one. :)

April is a very hard working your woman. She works two jobs, goes to school & takes care of her little boy. After getting away from her father, she is happy on her own. But after her friends get into money trouble and are on a deadline from a loan shark, she has no choice if she wants to help, but to swallow her pride and ask her father for the money. It comes with strings attached. She has to move into his mansion for a few months. Right after the meeting with her father, she bumps into Jonas.

They had spent a steamy night together five years ago, and she hasn't heard from him since. Now he is back working for her father. 

Jonas is getting one last chance, to prove himself before losing the job. He is a Black Ops operative. Five years ago he was pulled from the job, now he has a second chance. But it's not easy to do his job when there is April in the same house.

The story is very intense. High stakes spy work, dangerous m…

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