For Lily

As the sun is setting on the evening of your 8th birthday, I keep thinking back. On all those days we spend playing on the floor of my room. On all those laughs and cries, bad and good moments shared. I can't believe how much you've grown, how much you've learned in such a short time. You are something special; I can't believe how much you are the same - just you, the same you, you have been since the day I met you. Seeing you grow and learn and experience life and all that it has to offer has been an amazing ride and the biggest privilege. Even though you probably won't see this till you grow up, I want to write about ... you. My ray of sunshine, my special little friend, my biggest teacher, my little niece, my heart. You like to read but have yet to find THE book. You know... that magical book, the first one that pulls you in and makes you fall in love with books and makes you a reader and I'm excited to see which book will that be for you. :) It's a