For Lily

As the sun is setting on the evening of your 8th birthday, I keep thinking back. On all those days we spend playing on the floor of my room. On all those laughs and cries, bad and good moments shared. I can believe how much you've grown, how much you've learned in such a short time. You are something special; I can believe how much you are the same - just you, the same you, you were since the day I've meet you. The see you grow and learn and experience life and all that it has to offer has been an amazing ride and the biggest privilege.

Even though you probably won't see this till you grow up, I want to write about ... you. My ray of sunshine, my special little friend, my biggest teacher, my little niece, my hearth.

You like to read but haven't found THE book yet. You know... that magical book, the first one that pulls you in and makes you fall in love with books and makes you a reader and I'm excited to see which book will that be for you. :)

It's already such an amazing thing to share my favorite stories with you. You were the first person I dare to say what I want to be, what I want to become. You were the first person to hear my books.

I honor of this special day, I made the list of 8 books I hope you'll read one day and why I want you to read'em. Happy birthday little mouse.
1. Harry Potter

We've read the first two books together, but you were a bit too young for that. I want you to discover those amazing book for yourself, to believe in magic and see that as it was for Harry, it doesn't matter where you come from or where you grow up, how much money you have or how famous you are - those things can disappear or change so quickly, all it matters what's on the inside - the most beautiful part of you - your heart.

2. Twilight
I want to read fall in love with  Bella and Edward. So when you grow up, you will know what kind of girl not be - the kind without ambition or dream, so that only thing in your life you care about is a guy. I want you to dream, to want the world, as for the love - it's the spice of life, not the main course. And for when you find love, I want to love the way Edward loves Bella, to blindly jump into love, love your partner wholeheartedly and eternally.

3. Pride and Prejudice
So you'll stand for yourself and for what you believe in, just like Elizabeth did and to see how love is supposed to look like, that it transcends social standing, gossip, and interference and that if the love is right and if the guy is meant to be your, you will find a way to each other

4. Percy Jackson

So that your life will be filled with adventure and mystery, so you'll embark on many quests in your life - always forward never still.

5. Obsidian

So you'll see (when you are much older :)) where most of my bad words come from and fall in love with sarcastic and witty talk.
6. Ready Player One

To see that only thing you need to sussed are you withs and your beautiful mind and your hearth, everything else is optional.

7.  Lunar chronicles

So that you won't stop believing in fairytales and find you happy ever after in everything you do.

8.  A Darker Shade of Magic

so you'll see what independence and endurance can bring you and how much you can achieve playing by your own rules.



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