Slap Shot by Kat Mizera (Lauderdale Knights #1)

Love a good sports romance, but this one didn't hit the spot.

She is from a big Italian family and her family is pressuring her into all sorts of things she doesn't want, from other careers to relationships.

When she wakes up getting hit with a hockey put and has temporary amnesia, it kind of feels like a fresh start. Not to mention that the hot hockey player who hit her is there to console her.

She starts to stand up to her family, break up with her fiance, and start o date a hockey player, but is met with resistance left and right.

Vaughn is starting fresh in Florida. As a single hockey player, he is all about sleeping around until he meets the girl she hit with a puck. She is in a relationship and her life seems to be beyond complicated, but he can't stay away.

Something is brewing between them, but they both have baggage from the past, that could stand to push them apart.

I like the storyline but didn't like the characters, I didn't feel that much spark between them.

rating ❤❤
cover ❤❤

number of pages: 216
published: March 22,2022

happy reading,


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