The Summer Switch-Off by Beth Reekles

Luna, Rory, and Jodie are all strangers. They meet on a holiday from hell and bonded over the loss of devices and being the only people close in age, and not being in a good place in general.

There is a reason why they are all on this holiday. They are all stuck in life, not in space where they want to be and now knowing what to do next.

Luna thought her life was perfect. She finished her first year of College, had a perfect boyfriend, and lots of friends. She decided to end her relationship in an angry fight. Not sure if she did the right thing, she booked the holiday to get away from it all. Her bf wants her back, even though he is no good for her, all of her friends ditched her, cause they were more his than hers. So she is basically starting it all over and doubting herself at every moment.

Rory is passionate about her art and spends an ungodly amount on social media, trying to build up her image and sell her art. She is about to go to an expenses paid college, to study law, which she really, really doesn't want to do, but fells pressured to and is too scared to talk to her family about it.

She doesn't have enough confidence to go for what she wants and is afraid not to fit into her family anymore.

Lucy is working so hard. Between jobs, college, and the insane pressure she puts on herself, she is totally drained. Her family pushed her to take a vacation, which she desperately needed. She is constantly pushing herself into something she doesn't even like and spends most of the time comparing herself to her classmates and friends.

The holiday looks idyllic online, but in reality, is anything but. First, they have to give up all of the devices and sign up for activities they certainly do not want to do. Then their rooms get flooded and they have to move together to a run-down shack.

In the midst of all of the problems, they form a bond and during the week figure out their next step one way or another.

A story about friendship, growing up, learning to stand up for yourself and for what you believe in, and figuring out your life, while having fun with new friends.

There is also a steamy romance in between, but my favorite part was the friends.

It's a lovely story, highly recommend it!

rating ❤❤❤
cover ❤❤❤

number of pages: 480
published: May 11,2023

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