Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros (The Empyrean #1)

Violet is the youngest daughter of a war general and a scribe. She is frail and sick, so she has trained to become a scribe as opposed to her older brother and sister who all trained to be riders. 

Right before she entered the school, her mother pulled her out scribe school and put her in riders one. Her statue and personality make everyone think that she will fail.

But contrary to everyone's beliefs, in each and every possible situation she rises up to the challenge comes out victorious, and gets chosen by the two dragons. One of the biggest and one of the rarest to be seen by humans.

Along the way, she makes friends and allies, loses a long-time crush, and falls for a sworn enemy. He helps her, protects her, and always looks out for her. They were supposed to be the biggest enemies, but the chemistry between them makes it the opposite. 

Their nation relies on dragons to keep the cap on wards to protect them from the outside. But little by little it becomes obvious that what they know and what they are being told is not the whole picture, so Violet's biggest challenge becomes learning what and who to believe in.

I picked up the book because of the insta hype and let's be honest, the cover is beyond gorgeous. I didn't expect it to be so good. I was pulled into the world right away and couldn't stop reading. The complex world, the political intrigue, and the sizzling romance, all fit together so well, to make an unputdownable book.

rating ❤❤
cover ❤❤❤

number of pages: 498
published: May 2,2023

happy reading,


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