Werecats Emergent by Mark J. Engels

Pawly is just a normal teenager, thinking about going to college and playing ice hockey, until one night, when her brother is in trouble, she transforms into something totally different.

She discovered that she inherited a family curse. Under duress, she transforms into a werecat. 

The story is told from two POVs,  Pawly, as she discovers her powers and deals with everything that comes with them, good and bad, and Ritzy, her uncle, whose story reads more like a thriller.

The world created as a whole is well-developed and full of details, that make it more real as you read the story. There are historical tidbits about the werecats interwoven that make the story come alive. The setting just jumps from the pages, and the whole Werecats lore is very well written and established. There are betrayals, family drama, tension at every turn and enough action to keep you glued to the pages.

I really liked the story, but it's a very complex one, so I was often confused about what was going on.

book info
Forest Exiles Saga #1
May 12, 2023
number of pages

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