The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

I went into the story not knowing anything about it and got instantly hooked. It's so dark and moody and so addicting! :)

It's set in a world full of magic. Some have a lot, some a little and some none at all. Six of the most talented people are recruited for a unique position every decade, and only five will make it through the first year.

The Alexandrian society guards the lost knowledge, that is not for all to see. The five who make it through will be the guardians of the knowledge. They will have a life of success, wealth and power.

Libby and Nico can control the world around them. They fit together, even though they want nothing to do with each other, Reina is a naturalist, the nature around her talks to her, but she doesn't like her power that much. Parisa can read everyone's mind and can travel to the unconscious mind to unravel what is hidden behind each and every one. Tristan can see through every illusion and Callum, an empath who can make anyone do whatever they want.

The story is told from multiple POVs as they go through their year, discovering their powers, developing them and discovering more about ht mysterious society that seems to control it all.

It's seriously so good!

happy reading,


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