Remember Pompeii by Kika Emers

Kali is a teenager, with an immortal soul. She is being punished for something that happened in Pompeii to live as a mortal girl along with her family. If she manages not to use her powers by the time she reaches 17 years, she and her family will go back to being immortal beings. 

She hasn't managed to come to that age in 200 lifetimes, but what no one else knows, is that that is on purpose. She doesn't want to lose what she has and doesn't want anything to change. 

This is the lifetime when it all changes. She is being blackmailed and is left with little to no choice.

I like the premise of the story, but I had time to get into it. Kali is a very hard person to like and root for.

book info
April 30, 2024
The Wanshiqi Trilogy #1

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