The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa

Dean Chapman has a life plan. A part of that plan is to get married. 6 months ago he met Elle and it was a match made in heaven, or so it seemed. She wasn't interested in love either and was happy with their modern marriage of convenience arrangement. Until it came to the wedding day.

Solange is finishing her job in the DC and doesn't expect to get an offer to continue her work. She also doesn't want to get tied down by anyone. She is a part of the wedding party, she helps her cousins who are working in it and hears the bride talking to someone who isn't the groom about love and it convinces her that she needs to do something, so she stops the wedding.

Chaos ensues and she is sure that she won't see either of them again.

But then she gets an offer, to pretend to be Dean's girlfriend for a few weeks, so he can take out potential clients and get ahead in his law firm.

The more fake relationship progresses, the more their real-life feeling arise. There is something between them that is undeniable and that neither of them can ignore for long. 

The biggest obstacles to their happily ever after and their selves are set in their ways and effectively sabotaging themselves.

It's a very romantic story, one of my favourite tropes, fake to real. The story is full of feelings, it makes you feel like you are in the middle of the story, feeling the butterflies along with them. 

It's also hilarious and colourful. The characters are fleshed out, unique and just jump from the pages.

Highly recommend it to anyone who loves romance books!

rating ❤

happy reading,


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