Match Me If You Can by Sandy Barker

Such a cute story, it even has a big romantic gesture... :) 

Poppy loves romance and all about it. She is a psychologist and works in an elite matchmaking agency. She spends her day finding the perfect person for everyone. But her latest case could be just the toughest. 

Tristan has to marry before his 35th birthday if he wants to receive the huge inheritance his grandfather set up for him.

The only problem is, firstly there is very little time to get to know anyone, secondly, he would be happy to stay a bachelor forever and third he is not the most likable person. :)

Poppy tries very hard to find him a suitable match, but there seems to be one problem after another. The biggest of them is not to fall for him herself. :)

Adorable story! Highly recommend it to rom-com fans. :)

rating ❤

happy reading,


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