The Woman Who Ran For The Hills by Carmen Reid

Jennifer lives in London. She has a flat, a good job as an assistant and a boyfriend, who is also her
boss. He is separated from his wife, so they keep their relationship on the down low. She is hopeful that one day she can have a normal relationship.

That all changes the day she gets a call from his supposedly separated wife, to remind him of their twin scans at the doctor.

On the way out she shatters her knee. Her good life is destroyed in a day. She is single, with a new knee, and jobless. She is desperate for a new start, so she decides to move back to the small town in Scotland, where she grew up, for a little while at least.

She moves in with her dad, but they never had been that close. She finds new and old friends and reconnects with them. There more she spends with them the more she falls for Rory, but she doesn't think she can stay there forever.

The story is character-driven, and the MC has a wonderful story arc, from the other woman in the city to fall, very reluctantly for small-town life and the people living there.

Great book to read on a beach.

rating ★★★
cover ★★

contemporary, adult, romance
July 18, 2023

happy reading,
got the ARC, all thoughts are my own


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