The Love Proposal by Camilla Isley

I've been obsessed with this series! I was actually looking forward to Summer's story and how on
Earth would she ever get over the past. I didn't like that much in previous books, but within a few pages, I felt for her. She is such a sweet, with a hard exterior. 

Summer's life exploded when she was caught cheating with one of her best friend's boyfriends. Her private life was all out for everyone to see and she lost everyone. Even though the friend she wronged forgave her, most of the others didn't. 

Even her twin needed some time. Now her twin, Winter is getting married and Summer is very nervous to attend the wedding. The people she avoided, that look down on her, will all be there.

But there is someone there to make it all better. Archie Hill was on the last adventure with the bride and the groom, he is their friend and a horrible flirt but might be just what she needs. They make a deal. During the week of the wedding, they have fun, no obligation, no strings. 

There is sizzling chemistry between them and they connect on many different levels than just physical.

It's such a cute and romantic, friend-with-benefits wedding story. Highly recommend it!

 rating ★★★

cover ★★

First Comes Love #6
contemporary, romance, friends with benefits, adult
July 12, 2020

happy reading,
got the ARC, all thoughts are my own


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