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A Thousand Years by K. T. Dady

Kate is a romance writer, who starts to hear voices. At first, she is sure she is going crazy, but it turns out her soul is talking to her. Something went wrong, they should be inseparable, but somehow they are split. Kate even gives her a name. The more they talk the more the soul reveals about the world and soul mates. Even taking her though some of her former lives - that was my favorite part. :) There are soulmates, souls divided into two parts, and send to earth. They have to find each other and increase love in the world at the same time. Kate is not to keen on looking for her soulmate, but she finally finds him, it's magical. :) It's a very imaginative story and a unique concept. But I had a hard time connecting to the story at times... rating 💜💜💜 cover 💙💙 received from Author genre romance published March 23, 2020 number of pages 272 Amazon || Goodreads happy reading, anie Follow @anie_1027

Refuge by Willa J. Brand

Taylor and her baby are on the run from her horrible husband. After one night, when he finally went too far, she knew she had to get away. In a crappy car, always looking over her shoulders, they are on the way to Canada. Only the car broke down in the middle of nowhere. Tired and afraid she is approached by the kind cowboy, who offers them a place to stay. What started out as a few days thing, turn into her refuge. She found work and a somewhat safe place. New friendship and promise of new love keep her from moving one, but it's hard to form a deeper bond when you are desperate to keep your secrets. And when the past catches on, it will unravel. It's such a beautiful story, of second chances and overcoming your past. The writing is very, very good, I was taken by the story from the start. But my favorite part was the characters, especially Taylor. While reading, I felt like I was right there with her... It's one of those stories that give you all the feels. :) rating

Her Bad Idea by Sagan Morrow

I've been loving the series so far, and I was so excited to read Scarlett's story. My expectations were very pretty high.  I was so happy when I got the book, that I read right away and the world around just melted away for a few hours. While I loved all books in the series, Her Bad Idea was on a whole another level. I was blown away by how awesome it is!  Scarlet's business is failing and she desperately needs the money. Luckily there is a dance competition, with huge prize money, the only downside, she has to perform with Pete. And she is not a fan. :)  Buut she has to compete with him, she really needs the money. So they try to work together and the egos clash, a lot. :) I love the way they bicker. :) And then they somehow end up in this fake relationship to make the guy she crushed on since forever jealous... All my favorite tropes in one book. :) There is different... vibe to the story. It is very well written, the dialogs are witty and made me LOL out loud many times

Booked for Murder by R. J. Blain

A lead character, Janette was born with a high percentage of magic, but not to the right family. She wanted to help her parents and was young, so she signed a contract for life with an adept, to bodyguard him.  Then in the line of duty, she got into an accident. She was in a coma for several months and still has a botched ankle. None expected her to recover, but with full stubbornness, she gained the ability to walk. She took on a new identity, false rating, and works now in a library. Her old life crashes with the new one, when the senator is murdered in front of the library she works at and her ex.boss is investigating the murder. Ans soon her old life crashes with the new one.  The story starts out slow, we see quite a lot of backstory in the first few chapters. It slowdown the flow a bit, but you need the info to understand what happens next. I like the Janette, I love the way she handled things after the accident and how she found a new purpose. She is stubborn to a fault and very

All Our Worst Ideas by Vicky Skinner

You know that feeling when you read an awesome book and it so good it just makes you giddy? That's how I felt when I read All Our Worst Ideas. The story is told from two different perspectives, Oliver's and Amy's. Oliver taking a gap year and gathering the courage to tell him, mom, he doesn't want to go to college. Meanwhile, he works at a records store. Amy is a senior at high school and works extra hard to get awesome grades and be a valedictorian. She has her eyes set on Stanford and is determined to get in, even if no one else believes in her. When her stepfather loses his job, mom tells her to get a job. She loves music and is drawn to the same story when Oliver works. They work together a lot, and veery slowly grow closer together. He is all in, but she is not so sure. It's such a cute story, of getting out of your own way, finding your path in life and love. Highly recommend it!!! rating 💜💜💜💜💜 cover 💙💙💙💙 received from Xpresso Book Tours genre contem

The Good for Nothings by Danielle Banas

That was so good!! I couldn't stop reading. :) Cora is the daughter of a crime family, but she didn't exactly inherit the family's talents. She is the best at reading auras, and her inventions mostly work, but when her mother puts her in charge of distracting the guards at the huge job, she makes a complete mess out of it. To make up for it, and get back into the family's grace (mostly for the paycheck she desperately needs) she and her BF robot try to rob the family's next job a day before. Unfortunately, it goes horribly wrong and they end up in prison. At failed escape plan, she bargains with the warden for their and their cellmates' release, in exchange for going on a treasure hunt. Onboard of an ancient ship, Cora, Elio the robot, kleptomaniac Wren and disgraced soldier they call Anders, embark on an intergalactic treasure hunt. It's such a fun story to read, it has a little bit of Lunar Chronicles vibe - which I love. :) All of the characters are very