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Snow Days With You by Leonie Mack

Luna is driving in a snowy wonderland, with a car that wasn't made for mountain driving, to discover who left the generous inheritance, when she runs out of flue close to her destination, she is saved by a knight in shining armour.  I was hooked right from the start and couldn't put it down! It's cute and romantic and pulls at all of your feelings.  It's the kind of story that touches your heart and transports you into a winter wonderland at the same time, the romance is quite something too. :) Highly recommend it! rating❤❤❤ ❤ cover❤❤❤❤ Goodreads || Amazon happy reading, anie

Ruined by Sarah Vaughn

Ruined is a Regency-era graphic novel. It follows Catherine and Andrew. Catherine has turned away every suitor, but this year after a scandal, her father made arrangements to marry her off to Andrew Davaner. He desperately needs the money and she needs a husband to shut off the rumours.  It was just supposed to be a marriage of convenience, but as they got to know each other, the sparks flew between them.  It's a slow-burn romance, but a good one. I like the story very much, but didn't like the artwork all that much. rating ❤ ❤ ❤ cover  ❤ ❤ ❤ art  ❤ ❤ ❤ Goodreads || Amazon happy reading, anie

Never Ever Getting Back Together by Phoebe MacLeod

Jess had a crush a huge crush on Jamie. When they finally got together at the party one night, she was over the moon. Until he broke her heart the next day. She swore off romance, cut off friends and basically deleted that part of her life. Now 10 years later, she and her friend run a successful catering business. When she works at a wedding she runs into Jamie at the wedding she worked. She successfully avoids him, until her car brakes down a country lane. The sparks fly again. But Jess has a hard time trusting him. I had trouble getting into the story, I felt it could do with a bit more depth and character development. rating❤❤❤ cover❤❤❤❤ Goodreads || Amazon happy reading, anie

The Flirt Alert by Kaylene Winter [book tour]

Austin and Miles have been best friends since childhood. They have been huge geeks in high school and made a career out of it, by building a super successful gaming company. Out of the blue Miles informs Austin, that he has hired his twin, Shay for one of the Executive positions. Austin is not happy about it. Not only has Shay never had a job before, he hated her for what she did to him in high school. Shay has really been down on her luck. Her long-term boyfriend dumps her out of the blue. She put all her energy into helping his career, from networking to social media, and even put her career on hold, so she could support him. When he told her, that he needed someone with her own ambitions and carer, her whole world collapsed. She moves back in with her parents, broke and sad, but she is happy to start a new job. What she didn't expect is the hate she gets from Austin. The worst thing, she doesn't even remember why he hates her so much. She was a pageant girl until she had to