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Top 22 of 2022

January Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust A girl with a deadly touch, Persian influence and a fairytale vibe. Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab A girl and her ghostly best friends running around New Orleans and getting into all sorts of troubles. February Our Dark Duet by V. E. Schwab In the cities full of monsters, this is a story of Kate and August. One is finding a new beginning, and the other fell into the role, he never wanted.  How to be the Best Third Wheel by Loridee De Villa She came home after the summer away to find all of her friends pared up. She can be the third wheel or spend time with the guy she hates the most. The cutest ya romance! March My Mechanical Romance by Alexene Farol Follmuth He is captain of the robotic team and has his life all figured out, she got into robotics after one of the teachers noticed her talent and she is mostly going by the flow. They butt head in the most adorable way. A sweet enemies to lovers ya romance. Ready Player One by Ernes

Top 3 Fantasy Books of 2022

Calla by Christina Bauer fae,ya A diary of a former prankster pixie, who is currently the Queen of Summer Elves. She wields a mighty sceptre, Sammy. but her sceptre seems to be killing her and her subject hide from her. She needs to save her father and hopefully find an answer to her trouble along the way, with a little help from her boyfriend Dare. Funny and addicting. The Sunken City by Emma V. R. Noyes ya, pirates, adventure A girl is raised by the pirates, sailing the seas. One day touches a treasure she shouldn't, and a magical shell awakens the need for her to be in the water.  A nail-biting, kickass story with a lot of swoon-worthy moments. Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab urban fantasy, paranormal, ghosts, ya The girl and her ghost best friends are running discovering the secrets of New Orleans and getting into trouble along the way. happy reading, anie

Top 5 Dystopian Books of 2022

Out Dark Duet by V. E. Schwab paranormal, dark, ya In the little pockets of land, there are cities, far apart. In the different cities, different monsters prey on humans. After the events of This Savage Song , Kate found a place in Prosperity, while August became the ruler figure in Verity. An intense and very dark story. One the best I've read! Ready Player One by Ernest Cline virtual reality, ya The world is crumbling, and most of society works and lives in the world of virtual reality called Oasis. When the founder and owner died, he issued a competition. Who wins, inherited the Oasis. Havoc by Paityn Parque dark, ya  Shadow had to kill herself to exit the brutal game of killing or be killed, over and over. Now she finds herself in the headquarters of the company that created the game. Survival, high stakes and dark powers. Gravity by Melissa West aliens, ya Earth needed help in order for people on it to survive. The help came with a heavy price. The aliens that help need to fee

Top 5 Thrillers of 2022

Street Siren by Tom Batt seriel killer, 80s vibes After her best friend is murdered, the young call girl is pushed back into the world of drugs and takes revenge on the people responsible for her death. The Locked Attic by B. P. Walter psychological thriller, mystery A town is in lockdown due to an explosion. One grieving mother is on a mission to find the truth. There is something in the neighbour's attic and she will do anything to dip up the truth. The Murder List by Jackie Kabler psychological thriller, serial killer A crime writer finds a journal, a Christmas gift she forgot to open. Only it's not empty. At the start of every month are a name and town. Each time that person dies. Her name is scheduled for April 1st and time is running out. The Rise by Shari Low & Ross King mystery, Hollywood Three best friends from Glasgow made it big in Hollywood. Their big break also broke their friendship. Now 20 years later, all the big names in the industry. Then the past comes ba

Top 8 Retellings of 2022

The Maiden & The Unseen by Jeanette Rose & Alexis Rune Greek Myths, urban fantasy, romance Hades spends half of his life on Earth and half in the Underworld. As one of the rare Gods who has a job, he is tasked with financing any other God who wants to visit Earth. There is one he can't pin down. Persephone lived a sheltered life, hidden from the world. After years of convincing she is allowed on Earth, only to run into her destiny. Ariadne by Jennifer Saint Greek Myths, romance Ariadne is the daughter of King Minos, the older sister of the Minotaur. Ariadne is the story retold from her point of view. Of Beast and Beauty by Chanda Hahn fantasy, fairytale retelling, magic, witches, romance After being wronged by the kingdom, Lady Eville adopted 7 daughters and raised them as her own, to be used at the perfect time for revenge. Rosalie, the eldest and most powerful, is to be married to the crown prince of Baist. But there is a beast on a killing spree. Girl, Serpent, Thorn by

Top 4 Christmas Romance Books of 2022

A Bookshop Christmas by Rachel Burton enemies to lovers Megan lost her fiance and moved back home to run a family bookshop. It's been her refuge, but it's not doing so well. In the last resort effort to bring in more consumers, they have a book signing for a famous author Xander Stone. From the moment they met, she instantly disliked him, but he kept coming back. The Christmas Cupid by Jennifer Joyce On stilts, in a Christmas parade, hit by a bus, after she saw her ex with his new gf, and she died. Not a good way to go. But she gets another chance, only if she helps 6 couple find their true love.  Love Under Contract by Cassie Connor fake boyfriend Rebecca is going home for Christmas and desperately needs a date to save face. She asks her one night stand to pretend to be her bf for a week, and of course, writes a contract with terms and conditions. But a romantic town, one bed and all of the rules fly out of the window. Christmas at the Little Knitting Box by Helen J. Rolfe Cle