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The Goodbye Song by Karl Kristian Flores

Well, this is like nothing I have ever read before. It's a collection of different things, with a cool structure. :) 10 different things, with 10 entries each. There are poems, sonnets, haikus, letters, scenes, objects, definitions, directions, entries, and recipes. I like some a lot, some not so much, some I just skimmed past. And that is the main beauty of the book, there is something for everyone. It's not the kind of book you read in one swoop, more the kind you keep on your coffee table or nightstand and leaf throught from time to time. The concept is unique and very good, however, some parts could use more work and a bit of polishing. :)   rating 💜💜 💜 cover 💙💙 💙 Goodreads   ||  Amazon received from author genre poetry, short stories, collection published April 30th, 2021 number of pages 311 happy reading, anie Follow @anie_1027 Anie

To Aloha With Love by Lindy Miller with Terence Brody

It's just the sweetest story... of coming home and finding your way back to yourself. <3 Jenna just had the worst week. Her big job opportunity that she worked so long on, felt though, she got dumped and then her Aunt May, that she used to be very close to, passed away. Filled with mixed emotion, she sets back to Hawaii for the funeral, but Aunt May is not done yet. In her will she left her once beautiful house and land to Jenna and her sister Sarah, they can live in it or sell it, but before they have to fix it. Aunt May even left money for the renovations and who she wants as a contractor.  Jenna is set on wrapping things up fast and going back to her old life, but Ben, the contractor won't just give in. The more time she spends on the house, the more she is torn between what life she really wants... It's a beautiful, heartwarming story, of love and coming back home, of what really matters in the end. Highly recommend it!    rating 💜💜 💜 💜 💜 cover 💙💙 💙 💙 💙 Goo

The Bone Valley by Candace Robinson

There is no book by this author I haven't loved, however, this one gets its own category. :)  Set in a fantasy world, The Bone Valley is a very dark and very romantic story, of Anton and Nahli, who find love in the afterlife... Anton's family is very poor, he supports it by selling himself to wealthy women. His occupation doesn't make him the most popular guy, but he does what he has to do, in order to help his siblings. The trouble arises when he tries to quit. His most loyal costume does not like it and makes sure he will regret it. He finds himself in The Bone Valley, made out of nothing but bones, cursed to spend his eternity there alone.  Only he is not alone.  Nahli came to town with her childhood friend, running from the marriage, in search of a better future, but finds herself alone and having to steal to survive. Having not stolen enough, she dies and is awoken again. It's a story full of mystery, magic, and romance. The world is masterfully created and charact