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Project ELE by Rebbeca Gober and Courtney Nuckels

💚 💚 💚  💚 Author: Rebbeca Gober and Courtney Nuckels Title: Project ELE Series: ELE #1 Number of Pages: 334 Published: July 2012 Goodreads link:   Project ELE Well it started on high note. I was really taken by the story line. I love the world, premise of the story, I just don't buy people. More specifically dialog, friends and love story. It just felt forced. For me, it felt like they were just saying stuff needed for the plot, there was no emotions felt behind their talk, no tension. And love story, it just drops out of nothing, it went from zero to 100 in two seconds flat. I was wondering all the time, if I missed something. Where was the tension, anticipation, attraction ? That being said, if I ignore all that, I loved the story :)  It is set in future. The virus has taken over the world, killing people. Leaders are trying to save the world, by removing patches on the skies, so the heat kills the virus. It will be unbearably hot, so they built shelter i

Frenzy by Casey L. Bond

💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 Author: Casey L. Bond Title: Frenzy Series: Frenzy #1 Number of Pages: 176 Published: February 2016 Goodreads link:   Frenzy This is my second book by Casey L. Bond and I have to say, I love her writing. It just so gripping. I devoured it in little bit over hour and half, I just had to finish it. And the ending... ahh I just NEED the second one, like right now.  World was almost devoured by the virus, that turns people in zombies. Few people that remain formed colonies, working together to survive. One of colonies, where our main character resides has formed treaty with vampires, NightWalkers. They pick volunteers, that the vampires feed on and in exchange vampires protect them, when they hunt for food and supplies outside the colony.  Porschia lives in the Colony, with sister Mercedes, younger brother Ford, father and abusive mother. After her sister was infected, she is basically forced to volunteer by her mother. She meets Saul and kind of dates

The Runaway by Claire Wong

💚 💚 I received this book from Netgalley. Well I have to say it is real struggle to write this review. The book didn't leave any lasting impression. I can apreshiet the point the author was tryng to make, but it was such a struggle to finish it. For me at least, there is one crucial thing missing. That grip the book is supposed to have on you, that you just can not put it down until you finish it, or you will die. :) That anticipation, OMG what will happen next. Only felling that the story evoked in me, were those of boredom. Maybe this genre is not for me. Maybe the book is amazing for someone who likes general fiction. I don't know. Anyhow, happy reading. Goodreads link Anie.

Dreamthief by Tamara Grantham

💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 OMG I am so happy I stumbled on this book. It is soooo amazing. I could not put it down, it so good. So it is about a girl, Olive (love the name btw), who is half elvish and half human descent. She was raised by dragon lord of the sky, and spent half of her life in parallel Earth, filled with magic and magical creatures, and the last half on our Earth. Because is of both worlds, she can go back and for, without memory loss. She is therapist and helps people with repressed memory of  Faythander (fairy version of the Earth). When she find traces of dark magic on her godson, she returns to  Faythander to find answers.  Along the way she meets Kull, who helps her. He is the ultimate book boyfriend. I mean, he is hot, deadly, charming, witty and protective of Olive.... Perfect :) Author builds amazing world I would like to live in. It is free on amazon.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves magic, dragon, elves, fairies, fantasy world or just wants to

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

💚 I wanted to read this book, because everyone was talking about it... Well it is safe to safe, I would have been better off never reading it. I don't like gritting bad review, because of respect I suppose. I know how much work and heart goes into writing a book. But, I have to be honest two. I usually love kid's books, but this one I just couldn't. The problem wasn't in the story, it is rather quite intriguing, but with the execution. I felt like the author was mocking me entire time, I mean those explanations are so distracting. Also, it felt so impersonal, like reading a recipe, rather than a fantasy book. I mean, the kids were crying, in pain and I didn't felt a thing. Lives of three kids will never be the same again and btw pick up some bread on the way home. I mean.. Ahhh. This could be so interesting. But the series is kind of ruined for me. Happy reading everyone. Goodreads link Anie.

The Key of Kilenya by Andrea Pearson

💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 I love this book. It has take me while to read, because of.. well stuff to do. I really looked forward to reading it and can't wait to read the next one. This is the story of 14 year old Jacob. One day he is chased by wolves right into magical parallel world, filled with magical creatures and magic. He is entrusted with finding a Key by  Makalos, that could save them from Lorkons, evil immortals that rule their world.  Jacob possesses special power, that Lorcons what to have, and he is just starting to discover.  It is high fantasy book, with a lot of magic in it and a lot of interesting creatures. It also has a hint of romance, I hope will evolve in the next books.  I was instantly gripping, not juvenile at all, and made me want to read the next one in the series right away.  Highly recommend it.  Also, it is currently free on amazon. :) Goodreads link Anie

#5 favourite series

Today I want to talk about my favourites series. For this list I included the book series, where I liked/loved all the book in it. I while back I did #favourite series, where I like just the first book   ( #favourites ).  Lets start. 1. Harry Potter  Harry Potter series is definitely on top of this list. Well to honest, on top of any favourites list. Harry Potter books really got me into reading, so there books hold special place in my hard. I go back and re-read it at least once a year. There are no books like there 7. Everything about it, the writing, the story, characters, even secondary characters, it is just... perfect. Till this day I haven't found book about magic, that comes even close to Harry. Goodreads link 2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Another series, that is special to me. These five books are so interesting and witty you can't help but love it. Rick Riordan has amazing ability to make ancient gods fell alive and current. From the first

The Shifter by Janice Hardy

💚 💚 💚 💚 The Shifter is the first book in the Healing Wars series. The story is about Nya, orphan who has a really hard life. The whole society is built around healers. Her family was ruling the island they live on, before it was taken over. Now she is barely living. She and her sister are healers too, but her skill is flawed, whilest healers take pain away and heal the person and push pain in the stone later, she cannot do that. She can shift pain from person to person. Her sister is admited in the prestiguis school for healers, while she barely has enough for food. During the plot, she is forced to make some hard decisions, hurt people in order to save people she loves. Her abilities continue to develope, she is qiute special. The story end on high note; she wovs to take down the system. I love the book, I love the world, Nya. She is flawed, she does stuff she is not proud about in order to survive and save her sister. But she is also strong and smart. There is a h

wannabe writer #1

Well, I am trying to write as much as I can, but I keep getting distracted. It starting to really get on my nerves. It is nice to work from home, but sometimes it is like 500x harder. When I am really into writing, working on a scene, words are flowing out me, everything is great... and then I have to go somewhere, or the phone ring, or somebody need something... OK, I go I do and get back to it. First few times, I don't mind, but after a while... it is like I've lost that mojo, drive... or whatever it is called, the moment pass, and word don't come out as easily. I fell discouraged, more I worry about it, harder it is to write. I hate those days, but it is getting better though. I started to work latter in the day, when it gets dark and everybody is asleep. Really early in the morning it good to. It is lovely to watch first ray of sunshine shining in. It will get better. It has to. Maybe I have to be a bit more flexible. Maybe. Or I can always move in some cabin in t

Shrinking Violet by Danille Joseph

💚 💚 💚 💚 I usually don't read contemporary novels, but because of my TBR thing, I wanted to give it a try. And I have to say, this book is pretty good. I wanted to read it, because I really liked the movie Radio Rebel, and I have to say the book is much better. I love how Tere develops in during the story. From shy girl, who can barely speak a word in front of people, to confident Sweat T on air. The story is light, not to dramatic, but enjoyable nonetheless. Also, I like slight Cinderella-esk air to the story. I loooove fairy tales, and the story of Tere has the same sweetness to it. Recommend to anyone, looking for a light afternoon book. Goodreads link Anie

TBR shelf

Do you ever go through your TBR shelf on Goodreads and think WTF I was thinking. I have 333 book on my TBR shelf, and I do not remember adding more than half of it. Most of the books there I am not interested in reading. But I am also to lazy to go through every books and read again, what is it about. So I usually pick next book to read from Recommendation based on book I have read in specific genre. and those book just sit there. This year I decide to go through them, at least ten a day, so I can purge a bit. I was pleasantly surprised. I almost deleted The Murder complex, because I though it was another generic murder mystery book and I would have missed out on really great book. I hope to find more good books this way. Also.. hope TBR is down to one digit this year... 


Dreadful task. I would rather take one ring to Mordor or have dance off with Voldemort, then edit. It is so daunting to re-read same words over and over, just to check grammar or misspellings. I have read a lot of articles about writing, where they say, that you should just write, keep the word count up and go back later. This just does not work for me. I am very sloppy writer, I can write a lot of words per hour, but it takes few hours to correct those mistakes. And if I just keep on writing, it gets so overwhelming (to be left to correct  20 pages of misspelling and bad punctuation to correct at the evening...) I would rather move on to another story, than fixy it. It is also true, that fixing everything as you go, can really mess with the flow. You can't think about what comes next, if you are busy figuring out, what is correct there or their. It can take you out of the story totally, that kind of ruins the point of writing all together. So now I go back every time I fi


Amazing start of one of my favourite book series of all times. Lunar chronicles is one of the few book series, when books get better thought series; first one being the weakest of the bunch and the last one Winter ( Winter ) one of the best books ever. 💚💚💚💚 Author has amazing ability to make story complex, intertwines with more characters thought the books, giving each one enough time to make you love them all. Ok, back to Cinder. Whilst the weakest in the series, still not bad by any measures. This is story place in the future, where humans have populated Moon and evolve to be a bit different from humans on earth. The world is united against Moon, but still divided on 6, (if I remember correctly) countries/monarchies. In New Beijing (most of today Asia, I presume) lives cyborg Cinder, with step mother and two step-sisters. She is cyborg. She is used, basically a slave to the family, only one working, bringing in the money. There is also the plague killing people le


Writing can suck sometimes. Nothing worse for a writer, than staring at that blank page, having tons to say, but no way to put it into words. Some days, when everything falls in place, it can be amazing. That unbelievable felling when words just fly out of you, story pouring on page; when you are practically transported into story and time just fly by... That felling is why keep on writing, why I love it that much. It is almost indescribable. When I get into that place, it just fells like flying... Hopefully 2017 will be full of flying and without blank pages staring me up.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

💚💚💚💚💚 So excited that I am finally writing about this book and this book series. Harry Potter has a special part in my heart, these books made a reader I am today. They really got me into reading. I read books before...  maybe just one or two a month. After this my nose was permanently stuck to one book or another. I remember first time I have read it. I was about ten or eleven and I saw segment on news about Harry and  asked my dad if I could get it. Next day he got first three books and have read them all in the first two days. J. K. Rowling is phenomenal writer. The story she start to weave in the first book in so intriguing you can actually see it clearly in your head (not just me, right?). This was the first book ever I have read for first to last page, without putting it down. It is the story of a boy who has a crappy life, but still manages to be kind and brave. He does let the world to put him down. His life changes completely, when the letter arrive. He goe

Forbidden by Amy Miles

💚 This book is free to download on Amazon. It is story about immortals. Even though it is repeatedly said that they are not vampires, it's hard to see a difference. I mean, they can drink blood, but don't have to, are immortal, attracted to scent... I don't now sound like vampires to me. It is one of that books, that I really dislike. It is not bad per se. It is just... I get all excited, that I'm going to read a story about paranormal, and went into it, expecting ... well paranormal, I guess. What I have found? It's basically high school romance drama with little bit of NOT vampire stuff. Worst part? I didn't really care what happened to the characters, I didn't get pulled in, it didn't leave an impression. I just finished reading it and have trouble remembering what happened. Not bad book... just not for me. Goodreads link Anie.

Entangled by Nikki Jefford

💚💚💚💚  I downloaded this book for free from amazon and was quite pleasantly surprised. First few chapters I almost give up, it was a bit too "romancy" for me. I thought it would be another romance book, with 3 lines of paranormal in it. Story picked up and I am so happy I stick with it, cause it is amazing. This is a story of twins with magical powers. We follow the story of Gray, the "good" twin. Witches and warlocks live in our world, hiding their power prom normal people. It start with typical high school setting, drama, guy, friends.It really get started pick ups after Gray dies. Not forever though. She wakes up few months after in her sister's body, forced to share it every other day, after a spell goes haywire. It is so hard to find a good book about magic. Either it is Harry Potter or LoR wanna be, or Twilight with magic. But this is one of those rare book, where author takes standard approach to magic and makes it her own. Characters ar

Xoe by Sarathle

💚💚 Well, his was not the best book ever to read. It was struggle for me to finish it. It just didn't flow, the story didn't have that connectivity. It felt fragmented, like someone put pieces together that didn't fit.Also the whole Dan thing, felt so far fetched. I rolled my eyes through the entire book. The story didn't pull me in. I didn't like any of the characters. A bit about the story. Book follows Xoe (how do you pronounce that?) through high school, with two best friends. Then the guy enters, Xoe think he is bad, turn out he is. Then another guy, not bad I think.  I don't really now. I could no remember much of the story next day, that says a lot about the book. Not for me I guess. Goodreads link Anie.

The Sound of the Stones by Beth Hammond

💚💚💚 I received this book from NetGalley. First lets start with good stuff. What I love the most about this book, it is the world the author created. It is a bit science fiction interloped with high fantasy. So there are people living as slaves to the this half human/half aliens from another dimension (How they came to be is a bit strange to say the least). That it is a story within the story. We start with Frankie, girl in foster care, who helps a guy in book store for a few days. She receives book as a gift, as she starts to read it the real story begins. Gifts that humans have or have forgotten. It is so nicely done, all connected together. Ashra. She is strong young women, with kindness to her. Now to the bad stuff: Writing. It is great story, but I almost gave up in middle, it just take so long for something to happen. First few chapters dragged on and on. I wish I could just press fast forward. Ending. Book ends, when it gets really interesting. If the story

Dreams before the start of time by Anne Charnock

💚 I received the book from NetGalley. Hmm. Where to start. I don't like to get bad reviews to books. I am also a writer... well trying to be, and I don't wan't to insult someone who put effort and time in making something. But I also want to be honest. So no offence. Frankly I didn't like it. I have going into book thinking is something else, then facing disappointment when my expectations aren't met. I could no connect to the story, to the characters. Had to give up in the middle. Maybe it is just not the book for me. I am not fan of contemporary book, and this was a bit to close to that. Goodreads link Anie.

Fire in Frost by Alicia Rades

💚 💚 💚 💚 It's free on Amazon. I really like this book, more than I expected. It is a story of high school girl who gets special gift along with first period. She spend most of the book discovering her talents. Also, using her gifts to help. I really hope this  develops in crime fighting series. I really like those. When I think of it know, the story line is not the most original or splendidly written. Nonetheless I was pulled in the story right away, I could not put the but down till it was over. And that is what makes great book for me, not impeccable grammar, or beautiful writing or anything like that, is that magical pull that drags you in, brings story to life in front of you. I am not saying the book is flawless, far from it. I especially dislike the friendships sometimes, she was a bad friend more than once. It also lack depth throughout the story. But I still like it. The cover, though, it just sooo pretty. Goodreads link Anie.

Shadow maker by Amir Lane

💚 💚 💚 Ahh. What is it with this year... so many bad books with few to little good in between. Well this is was not s o bad per see. Just not good. First lets start with good stuff. I like shadows, I like this approach to the necromancers (one of my favourite supernaturals), I also like the witches and that animals thing, not sure what it is called. The whole magical system is quite interesting. What I don't like is Dieter (love the names in this book). He is such a push over. Seeking for love in wrong spaces, letting people boss him around, sleeping with everyone who looks at him. Don't get me wrong, I like diversity in books, people are not the same, I love to read about different people. But I don't think this is doing diversity justice. Still I didn't think for once to DNF this book. I wanted to now what will happen. Even if it wasn't perfect, with all the bad stuff I could not put it down. It gripped my interest. Goodreads link Anie.

#5 favourites

I decided to start favourites post series. Mostly because I like this kind of post/videos with other bloggers/booktubers, and also because I love to write/talk about books. Not necessary about plot, but more they way they pulled me in, the way I fell whilst reading, which are my favourite characters. So I am going to start with 5 favourite series, where I like just first book. Lets get started Hunger games I fell in love with Hunger games within first few chapters. It  introduced me to the dystopia.  I could not read anything but dystopia for a while. NO zombies though:) I love Katniss, how strong she is, selfless. Love the world of the story,  writing, everything about it. After finishing first one, I could not wait to dive in book number two. And was so disappointed. I was basically copy of the first one. And then came the third one... ehh. Even though I dislike 2 and 3, first one is still has a special place in my heart. 2 . Ender's game I really lik

Shaken by Susan Hatler

💚💚💚 Received free from NetGalley. This book was another pleasant surprise in February. Again just random book, I haven't really read what is it about, just wanted to read something before the bed. It started out... well not so good. I almost gave up after reading just first few pages. The way Kylie (lead character) acted, her starburst and awkwardness, even her responses, didn't seem plausible. Anyhow, I decide to give a few more pages and  I am happy that I did. The story really picks up, the writing is really good, better with every page, you can see characters developing. Story is about Kylie, who accidentally discovers her mind reading abilities. Her dad asks her to help police with the case of a missing girls. After that, her entire life changes and the real action begins. It is really interesting story line, not that predictable, action packed, especially toward end. I have few problems with Kylie's decision making, she is a bit whiny and immature at tim

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 I have read this book first as an e-book, recently I received real book, as a birthday gift, so I have been re-reading it. It reminded me instantly why I loved it the first time. This is kind of fairy tale based book. In this magical woods, there is a school for good and evil, attended by daughters and sons of fairy tale heroes and villains and two readers. Agatha and Sophie are unlikely best friends, pulled into this strange world by strange shadow, that delivers new fairy tale to their village and kidnapped two kids every four years. One good and one evil. This year perfect Sophie and witchy Agatha are kidnapped and end up in wrong towers, or so it seems. I loved this story so much. At first I was afraid it will be another generic fairy tale retailing, but this was anything but generic. Nothing is as it seems. It makes you rethink good and evil. And it is also very funny at times. You start to love Agatha, with all her awkwardness and strangeness, and hate


Ahhh. It is the worst felling in the world. Dreaded monster, that preys on us all. THE SLUMP. People think slump is, when don't want to read, but you still force yourself. This is not true, at least for me. It is that felling, when you really, really want to read book, but nothing grabs your attention, when you are dying for a good story, but nothing is appealing, ... For me, it happens when writing too. I have stories, a lot of them, but when, it hits me, it fells like nothing is translating to the page. Like the amazing story I see in my head, translates like a crap fest to the page.(that's why I don't call it writers block, it is not about not being able to write, you not being able to write anything remotely good, or at least readable.) It usually happen about the same time each year. I get a lot of new books around Christmas. I read obsessively for the first part of January. After a while, especially if the books are bad, comes the monster. But is not all ba

Omega Rising by Jessica Meats

💚💚 Received from NetGalley. Well, my first thought after finishing it today was, this would be a great movie. It reads like a movie script too, you read about stuff happening, cooking recipe style and get emotions, motivations, felling, all those stuff that make a story amazing, from acting alone. It was definitely a struggle, finishing this book, at least at first. There is no emotional connections or pull, I was not rooting for any of the characters. Whilst on the characters, there was little development or depth to them. That being sad, this book was not all that bad. Story is really interesting, especially if you like aliens and conspiracies, which I do. I also love all the technology in it. But I have to say, it is hard to miss some plot holes coming from nonexistent development. Maybe if the book was expanded a bit (meaning, every aspect of the story), stretched to maybe 300 or 400 pages, instead of 97, or blockbuster movie, it could be equally amazing. I would als

True Calling by Siobhan Davis

💚💚💚 January is coming to and end and I have yet to read truly amazing book, you know the one that shakes you to your very, the one that changes your life forever. I had high hopes for this one. The beginning is really griping. I really like it, when story takes place in space. I was really sucked in this world the author created... and then it happened. Love. Don't get me wrong, I love romance in the books, but only when love is part of the story, not sole focus. Especially after changing narrator, story gets too involved with the love-triangle and romantic aspect. ahh... It could be so amazing. The story has so much potential. I mean people on alien planet, controlled by the government, it is so intriguing. It was a struggle to finish it. I hate love-triangle, because the drama of it usually takes away form actual story, I was really hopping Zane was her brother. Not bad book, but it could be so much better. (I've been writing that a lot this month) The c

Reap by Casey L. Bond

💚💚💚💚💚 This was the book I was waiting for. Entire month of January, all I have read were OK books, or bad ones and I was seriously aching for a great one. OMG, this book was so amazing. I could not put it down. It was so gripping and I was totally pulled in, from the first page. I didn't even read the blurb on Goodreads page, before. It was a pleasant surprise. Story is set in the future, where people have been divided on Greaters and Lessers, based on genetic traits (I am not sure). Greaters live in huge cities, that are technologically advanced. Lesseres are considered only work force, they are used for making food and other raw supplies for Greaters. The Orchard, where Abby our lead character lives, are mostly growing apples and sending them to the Greaters. Abby works here, with her best friend Kyle and Layla (I think that's here name). This year harvest is bigger then ever, and Greaters send extra workers to help out. With them comes Crew and few other pe

The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings

💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 This year I want to go through my TBR shelf on Goodreads and shrink it down a bit. So I stumbled on this book the other day.  I almost moved past, thinking it was another generic murder mystery novel, but decided to try it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised. After first few pages, I was totally immersed in the plot. And I loved every page of it. I love books with assassins, especially with the ones, that work for some kind of corrupted government. The problem is, these kind of books are really hard to find, most of the time, there is little assassining (even a word? probably not) and a lot more of other crap... (this is the main reason I was disappointed with ToG,  but more of that in another post). The Murder Complex is everything you want in dystopian book. It presents world, that is brutal and almost un-survivable, but also plausible. It features strong leads, that have many flaws, but are still lovable. And the most important part, the story line is so g