Monday, April 30, 2018

Magnetic by Carissa Miller

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Carissa Miller
Title Magnetic
Published September 10th 2017
Number of pages 294
Genre romance, mystery, supernatural


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When Elle Christiansen's rebellion leads to her father's expulsion from a parsonage in small-town Ohio, the forlorn pair is forced to move to Oklahoma to live with an aunt neither of them has ever met. Here she encounters her aunt’s neighbor—Maverick Mason, the quietly confident son of a wealthy oil tycoon who infuriates her as much as he inexplicably draws her in… 

Maverick slowly gains Elle’s trust and coaxes her out from the seemingly impenetrable walls of self-protection she erected around her heart when her mother was murdered. He convinces Elle to confide the secrets of her tortured past: that she saw her mother's murder before it took place, and she was the one who found her, bleeding to death at the end of a lonely dirt road. Together the unlikely pair begins to unlock the secrets of not only Elle’s sordid past, but her mother's and grandmother’s as well, to uncover decades of greed, corporate corruption, lies, and murder. Quickly, the sobering realization hits: if they do not solve her mother’s murder, Elle will undoubtedly suffer the same fate. As she continues her journey toward truth alongside the boy she is magnetically drawn to in a way both frightening and uncontrollable, Elle finds the road she is most afraid of going down—that one lane dirt road where her mother was murdered—just might be the only place she can truly find redemption.   

Magnetic tells of the enduring pain of living with unsolved violent crime. Inspired by debut author Carissa Miller’s true-life events, it’s a haunting account of a young girl’s struggle in the aftermath of shattering loss. With an unraveling love story, puzzling mystery, unexpected twists and turns, and a gripping pace that will keep you turning pages, our heroine takes you on her journey as she learns one of life’s great lessons: facing your fears instead of running from them, is the only way to truly find freedom. 


Elle's mom was brutally murdered few day before her 11th birthday and she watched her die. The event made huge impact on her, made her afraid to open up and act out at times. Before her senior year her dad loses his job and they moved to live with aunt, she never knew she has. Her aunt lives in the cottage by the huge mansion, there lives Maverick. Elle feels instant pull towards him.

He is the first person she opens up about what happens. I love the slight supernatural aspect of the story. Elle has sometimes visions or dream. And those visions help her slowly uncover the mystery behind her mother's life and death. She uncovers conspiracy, find out about her family's past and finds the murderer. Maverick becomes her partner in crime, helping her along the way.

It's very powerful story. The book took me by the storm and pulled me in, from the very first page. The characters are very fleshed out, especially Elle and Maverick.Magnetic makes you feel ... a lot. :) For characters, for the tragedy that they both had to overcome, for everything. :)  

The writing is beautiful, however at times a bit to descriptive, to the point, that it gets in the way of the flow. 

After I've read the book, I've read the Authors story and was blown away by the fact, that it was inspired by true life tragedy. It's amazing how something so horrid, can be inspiration to such a beautiful story. :) 

Happy reading,



Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Rick Riordan
Title The Hammer of Thor
Series Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #2
Number of pages 471
Published October 4th 2016 by Disney-Hyperion
Genre ya, Norse mythology, adventure, fantasy


I like the second book even more then the first one, it left me desperately wanting more, especially if there will be Percy Jackson cameo. :)

Magnus’s life was never easy and it’s getting more and more complicated. Now that Fenris Wolf is tied and secure, they have to find Hammer of Thor or the Giants will attack the Earth. But of course Loki has to involve and make thing a lot more complicated. :) Now the heroes must join forces and finish missions to save the Hammer or something horrible will happen to his friend.

There is someone new in Magnus Chase’s team, newest einherjar Alex, gender fluid child of Loki. I love Alex, there is just something were special about him or her (depending on the day).

The characters are very diverse, without being forced. (I really dislike when authors force diversity in their characters, making what should be normal, stick out like sore thumb… :S Rick Riordan has a way of mastering diversity within his books :))

I love Norse mythology and I love discovering it with Magnus. :)Can’t wait to read the next one.

Happy reading,


Friday, April 27, 2018

The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Rick Riordan
Title The Sword of Summer
Series Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #1
Published October 6th 2015 by Disney - Hyperion Books
Number of pages 491
Genre mythology, ya, fantasy


I love all Rick Riordan book. I've read most books he's written (I still have to finish Magus Chase and Apollo series) and there wasn't even one I didn't like.

With Sword of Summer and Magnus Chase we explore amazing world of Norse mythology. The story is action packed and it kept me glued to the pages.

Magnus is homeless and liven on the streets, even since witness murder of his mother. His live changes drastically when he fights fire giant on the bridge and dies. It's action packed story of Norse Gods, Valkyries, Valhalla and there is Loki. :) He is even worse in book, than in Marvel movie and I loved every scene he was in. :)

I've read it the second time and I loved it even more. The characters are very fleshed out and diverse. It's so interesting to read the dynamics of friendships between so different people. I especially loved Magnus, he is funny, snarky and totally bad ass. :)

Highly recommend it!

Happy reading,


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Royal Companion by Tanya Bird

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Tanya Bird
Title The Royal Companion
Series The Companion #1
Published March 22nd 2017
Genre high-fantasy, romance


Set in high-fantasy world, where noble men can buy women as companion, use them for as long as they please and the resell them, we follow story Aldara. Aldara was sold by her mother to the prince, next in line for the throne. He bought her as a gift for his brother, who was busy fighting in a war.

Aldara has a great character and it doesn't come easy for her to fall in line with what she is suppose to be. She struggles a lot with her role, but somehow still manages to stay true to herself in small way. Her voice wasn't always clear, though. She was like two very different people at times, rebellious with a back bone or totally compliant.

Tyron was very reluctant to take as a companion. They very slowly build friendship and after tragic event, that grows into something more like a relationship.

I love reading about their dynamics, it wasn't that much of a sex exchange, but acted like a real couple. It's very interesting to read about entirely different world, even if the dynamics are hard to swallow. It's basically a love story, that is set in very difficult world and time.

It made me think a lot about feminism and gender equality. OK, I have to admit, that there were some eye-rolling moments, but for the most parts, I enjoyed reading it.

Happy reading,


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Set in Stone by Natalie Williamson

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Natalie Williamson
Title Set in Stone
Published July 2019 by Swoon Reads
Genre ya, romance

read on Swoonreads


Amber lives by set of strict rules, that make a life a bit easier. Her mother jumps from guy to guy. She made the rules, with help of her best friend, to not attached and be hurt, when mother decides to move on again.

Now they moved in with her last boyfriend Kevin. He has a daughter Cammie, that is a bit younger than her. And Cammie's best friend Jordan is the basketball star, who need a bit of help with writing assignments from Amber. 

Despite all of her rules, for not getting attaches, she grows closer to Jordan with every week and form friendship with Cammie (very slowly :) ). Lines she draws for herself are getting blurry and the rules that prevent her from attaching to anyone are making her life a lot harder right now. It might be time for a change. :)

It's such a sweet story, easy read that is perfect for summer months. :)

Happy reading,


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Preordained by David L. Wallace

Rating 💚💚💚 
Author David L Wallace
Title Preordained
Genre mystery
Number of pages 385
Published April 13th 2018


Received from Bewitching Book Tours


Art Somers is a detective in close-knit Murrell's Inlet, S.C., a small-town, coastal community with deeply held spiritual and supernatural belief systems. A serial killer has shattered his peaceful existence by abducting multiple twelve-year-old boys within his county. Young thugs, backwater drug dealers and the occasional murderer are the most Art’s had to deal with, but now he must apprehend a predator who FBI profilers can’t find.

He discovers he has a tie by blood to the case and uncovers evidence that calls into question his long held spiritual and supernatural beliefs. Abraham, the father of faith, had to choose to either sacrifice his son or disobey a direct order from God. Art must now make a choice - sacrifice his soul to save his son.


Preordained is a mystery novel with supernatural twist to it. There is a serial killer, gruesomely killing 12 year old boys. 

I love the mystery of it, slowly uncovering what was going on and all the pieces slowly fitting together, it kept me reading all night long. :) Best part was the supernatural aspect of it. I loved the way it was woven into the story. What I didn't like was the romance, especially his fiance, she was just... something else. :) 

Happy reading,


Friday, April 13, 2018

Hocking Hills by Doreen McMillan

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Doreen McMillan
Title Hocking Hills
Published March 15th 2018
Genre mystery, romance

Received from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for honest review


For eighteen-year-old Emily Barnes, feeling as if she did not belong was something she had grown accustomed to. That’s why it was easy for her to make the decision to go to Hocking Hills with barely enough money in her pocket after receiving the original copy of her birth certificate.

While on her quest to find answers, she meets deputy Dylan McKenna whose gorgeous—but watchful—dark blue eyes makes her regret an act of theft she foolishly commits. Emily can’t seem to fight the attraction even though he is completely wrong for her…or rather, she is completely wrong for him. 

But when Emily soon discovers that she has inherited an unusual ability, her search for answers becomes abundantly clear. There is someone in Hocking County who wants something Emily has. Something so rare they’re willing to kill for it…


I like reading mystery books from time to time. And from what I’ve read, the stories usually go two ways, either there is some amazing mystery, slowly revealed, keeping me glued to page, or I’m at total loss what is even going on.

This one is a bit of both :) First half of the book was 3 star story, I was lost at times and wasn’t sure what was even the plot. However, I still wanted to figure out what was happening. Now the other half is the total opposite. Full on 5 stars.:) So despite the very slow start I ended up enjoying the book. :)

Emily was adopted as a baby and put back in the system when her adoptive mother dies. Now she is 18 and want to find the truth about her birth parents. She has one envelope she received on her birthday to go for. It leads her to the small town, where the truth will slowly trickled forward.

My favourite part was the supernatural aspect, I love reading about psychics and visions and anything in that lane. I have to say, I wished there was more about it, though.

The twists toward the end threw me completely and were totally unexpected. :) I loved how the story ended and on the other hand I wanted the for the book to be a bit longer. :)

Happy reading,


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Reconnected by Catherine Tinker

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Catherine Tinker
Title Reconnected
Genre ya, contemporary, romance


*read on Swoonreads

Another great Swoonreads find. :) I've read the draft (not sure what you call it :) ) on the site and I absolutely loved it. Can't wait to read the finished version. :)

So... Anne used to be really into online gaming. She and Freddie meet online and became best friends, even tough they never saw each other in person. When she was forced to severe all connection, the friendship feel apart. And now many years later he in her town for the summer. She recognize him, but he has no idea. :)) The story made me so nostalgic, because it's very similar to the way I meat my BFF. 

It was just a pleasure to read. The writing is great, so are the characters. Such a feel-good story. :)

This is just the kind of story I LOOVE to read. 

Highly recommend it!!

Happy reading,


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Harshville by Olivia Wildenstein

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Olivia Wildenstein
Title Harshville
Genre contemporary, romance, music


*read on Swoonreads 

So I've recently tried new site Swoonreads and was pleasantly surprised. It just really good concept. You can read drafts of the books, comment whilst you're reading and make suggestions. It feels like you are part of the process. :)

I expected the books would be... well not good. I couldn't be more wrong. The first one I've read was Harshville and I totally loved it. :) The writing is amazing. I was pulled in totally from the first page. I love the story and he message. It's one of those stories that you think about time and time again.

So Harshville is a story of friendship, love, family, fame and secrets... so many secrets. Angie is in high school, she want to be a singer one day so when her favourite singer launches a singing competition she jumps at the chance, only her mother forbids her. :)

I absolutely love friendships in the story, the love the trust, it's just... so hearth warming. And what the characters are put through a lot...

Not all is at it seems, everyone is lying, and everyone has a secret. :)

Loved it and highly recommend it!

Happy reading,


Friday, April 6, 2018

Voltron Legendary Defender Vol.2

Rating 💚 💚 
Authors Tim Hedrick, Mitch Iverson, Jung Yoo and Ji-in Choi (illustrator)
Title Voltron Legendary Defender Vol.2 #1
Series Voltron: Legendary Defender
Genre comics
Published October 4th 2017 by Lion ForgeComics


Received from NetGalley

I love the art work, its very detailed and ... amazing. I like the story line, however, I had a hard time getting into it and connecting to it. Even found myself skimming through the pages. Not my favourite one.

Happy reading,


Dating the Prince by Alina Snow

Rating 💚💚💚 Author Alina Snow Title Dating the Prince Series What If Series #1 Number of pages 326 Genre romance, na Cover 💛💛💛...