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The Christmas Spirit by Alexandrea Weis

When I first opened up the book, I expected a fluffy Christmas romance. I was dead wrong. :) 

The story is still romantic, just in a different way and empowering, magical. It's about healing a broken heart, following your heart, and believing in yourself.

Courtney is an accountant, who writes books on the side. She long to write full time and her agent assures her that her next book will get her there, she just has to do about a million changes to her story, till new years.

She reluctantly agrees and instead of going to her mom's for Christmas, she rents a remote cabin in the wood. But there is something off about that place. The owner comes around all the time, wearing strange clothes, and the self-appointed cook shares her vies on love, all the time. With a black cat as her only companion, she dives into work.

The more of the story she uncovers, the more she is confused. There is something strange about that place. :)

In the end, she writes a story, not the one she set to work…

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