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The Good for Nothings by Danielle Banas

That was so good!! I couldn't stop reading. :)
Cora is the daughter of a crime family, but she didn't exactly inherit the family's talents. She is the best at reading auras, and her inventions mostly work, but when her mother puts her in charge of distracting the guards at the huge job, she makes a complete mess out of it. To make up for it, and get back into the family's grace (mostly for the paycheck she desperately needs) she and her BF robot try to rob the family's next job a day before. Unfortunately, it goes horribly wrong and they end up in prison.
At failed escape plan, she bargains with the warden for their and their cellmates' release, in exchange for going on a treasure hunt.
Onboard of an ancient ship, Cora, Elio the robot, kleptomaniac Wren and disgraced soldier they call Anders, embark on an intergalactic treasure hunt.
It's such a fun story to read, it has a little bit of Lunar Chronicles vibe - which I love. :) All of the characters are very di…

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