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One Spring Break by Sophie Stevens

excerpt Someone knocks on my door, only it’s not really a rapping sound. It’s more like an angry pounding that jolts my nerves. Shouldn’t spring break be relaxing? After spending half my day feeding that damn macaw and cleaning up after him, I’m comfy on my couch and don’t want to move. I deserve some down time, so I ignore the pounding, hoping whoever it is will go away, but they’re incessant and they knock even louder and angrier.       “Come in,” I holler. It’s probably a tenant with a broken toilet. I seem to be having run-ins with crappers today.       The door flings open and hits the doorstop with a loud thud. My back is to the entry, but I instantly feel a tingle along the hairs of my neck, akin to the prickling heat my ex-girlfriend Savannah used to elicit when she gave me half-hooded bedroom eyes. My whole body would hum at her wavelength. I hadn’t realized how much I miss that sensation until just now.       For a moment, I think Savannah has come back to me, but the tinglin

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