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Book Magic #2

Sometimes you don't see what in front of you, until is almost punching you in the nose.

I always lived with the stories in my head.  It started when I was little and had trouble falling asleep. I remember lying awake for hours on end. So one day, I started imagining stories. They started out simple, as the days when by, the stories became more complex. I don't remember I it actually helped me fall asleep any faster, but I definitely had a lot more fun in the evenings. :)

Some of those stories I've forgotten over time and some are still with me. One this is for certain, ever since then I was never left without a story to tell. I haven't thought much about it, stories were just... part of me.

The second year of college I had a really hard time. I was getting sicker with each day until I was eventually left bedridden. Being too ill to do anything, I turned to books. I started picking up books that sounded interesting, whether they were the kind you were supposed to read (…

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