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Books that make me want to pack up my bags and move...

To renovate a villa on an Italian coast *sigh* Do you ever feel, like you want to pack up your life, book a flight somewhere and leave on an adventure? I do. Sometimes. Especially when daily life gets overwhelming. Surely there isn't as much laundry if you live by the sea, and it's probably a lot easier to pick up the house if you have a view of the beach in the background and listen to the roar of the waves on the daily walk...  I've been a little bit obsessed with romance books lately and there have been few books that made me feel that way. Can you tell I desperately need a vacation? :) The Edge of Summer by Erica George It's a beautiful, but also a heartbreaking story, of a girl who made all the wrong choices and lost her best friend because of it. Not that the friend is gone she has to live with that. She applies for an internship at Cape Cop. Saving whales was always their dream, but now she does it for both of them, looking to feel close to her somehow, someway.

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