The Raven and the Dove by Kathlyn Davis

I listened to the audio version of the story and found myself walking an extra mile just so I continue listening. It's a beautiful, insanely romantic story of two people/birds, who shouldn't fall in love.

The story is set fantasy world, where winged people lived on islands in the sky. Held upright by their Gods, whom they worship and whose stones they protect fiercely. 

It's the start of their most important ritual, the courtship trial. Princess Lyana Aethionus wants nothing more than to find a bit of freedom, a place where she didn't have to hide who she is. 

Before the ritual starts, she and her best friends Cassie go on a final adventure, to see all of the royals arriving at the palace. But what they see is the raven prince getting attacked by the dragon and losing. Lyana can't help but jump in and when the dragon is defeated, she convinces Cassie to help her hide the prince, until she can fully heal him. She has magic that is forbidden in their world. If anyone would see her, she would be instantly killed, but she can't help but heal him. 

When she sees a royal ring around his neck, she is so happy. If she picks him as his mate, she could live with a person from whom she didn't have to hide who she is. 

Prince has secrets of his own, magic that meets hers and most importantly that he isn't really a prince, but is standing in for his half-brother. 

Her world is shaken, but there is no going back. They need to find a way to deny a connection, and move on with their lives, cause their love could never be.

Below the world above, hidden in a fog is a world in a war. A king, looking for a prophesied queen who could save them, with a hidden spy will stop at nothing to have her.

It's a complex story, but of betrayal, and so many twists and turns that will make you dizzy (in a good way:) ).  A truly romantic story, of two people finding their other half, in people that they could never have. 

Highly recommend it!


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The Raven and the Dove #1
ya, fantasy, romance, starcrossed lovers, forbidden romance
March 9, 2020
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happy reading,
got it on Netgalley, all opinions are mine


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