Not Today, Cupid by Jennifer Bonds

Scarlett is an executive assistant to one of the owners of Triada, a leading tech company, by day and a student by night. She is working on the final project, but it's not going all that well.

Then her boss asks her to take notes at the meeting with other executives, including Nick Hart. He is one of the owners, her boss's brother and has a reputation for being very cold.

Scarlett takes notes, with very creative names for all involved. She plans to review them before getting to the boss, but then Nick asks her to hand them over right away. She panics and flees, Nick later accesses the notes and her insights, as well as insults spark his interest.

Tensions are running high, especially with high anticipated lunch. And then they get roped into planning a party for Valentine's Day, one of the suggestions Scarett has been secretly stuffing into the company's suggestion box. With each meeting, the sparks between them fly. With more time together, she starts to discover what lies beneath the icy exterior and she likes what she sees, a lot. :)

A steamy, love story, fun of LOL moments and there is even a grand gesture at the end!

book info

The Harts #2
contemporary, friendship, romance, adult
May 8, 2023
number of pages

happy reading,anie

I got the ARC, all thoughts are my own


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