Books of April

It was such a good month. It finally feels like spring over here. It seemed like overnight everything turned green and there are flowers blooming everywhere. There is something in the air, the smell of a fresh start. Just looking outside it's making me feel good. Sunshine was often chased by the afternoon rains. There is nothing quite like reading, when there is a storm brewing outside. :) 

I've read 15 books this month. Last month I started a Percy Jackson re-read and it's still going strong. I've read through Percy Jackson and the Olympians' book and finished the Kane Chronicles. I also peppered in a few romance books, but my heart is with Percy this month. :)

Next up is the series Heroes of Olympus series, which I also love, but the first book is not my favorite-I'm not a Jason fan.

Here are the books I've read this month: 

How did your month go?

happy reading,


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