Odin's Betrayal by Donovan Cook

Jarl Sven was forced to leave his young son behind, after a failed raid on the Frankish coast. Torkel was taken as a hostage and if Sven ever raided again, he would die.

Now Torkel has a young son, Charles. They live in a small town in East Francia. Torkel is every bit as dangerous as his father, but Charles is quite the opposite.

One night they are ambushed in their home. Torkel sacrifices himself so that Charles can run away. He tells him to go back to Denmark and find his grandfather.

But Charles is afraid and seeks protection in town. That is when he realises just how things have changed, but then it's almost too late to escape. His path to the north is anything but straightforward. And when he finally arrives, what he finds is far from expected.

It's a treat to read a historical novel, where the historical setting and facts are part of the story and we discover it through the character's eyes, throughout the story, and not all piled in a huge infodump.

The story has a fast pace, it's filled with twists and turns and betrayal, and it kept me flipping pages to see what is really going on and who is behind it all.

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historical, adventure
April 11, 2023
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