Crazy Little Thing by Ellie Thornton

Axel just opened for a famous band and got the opportunity of a lifetime. Instead of taking it, he decides to stay true to his music. His career is about to take off when he runs into a pretty woman, who has no idea who he is. She thinks he is just a friendly (and hot) security guard. Little did she know that in those few minutes, she will inspire his first album.

Years later she had a crazy task of emptying a library and need help. Who better than Alex who is now a big star, with the biggest writer's block. He escapes to the retirement community to get away from deadlines and managers who are trying to force him into something he doesn't want. 

Sparks fly again and they still have crazy chemistry, but she still doesn't know who he is. :)

It's the cutest love story, full of chemistry emotions and swoon-worthy moments.
book info
contemporary, romance, adult
February 21, 2023
number of pages

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thanks to the Hidden Gems Books for the ARC, all thoughts are my own


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