A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab

It's a slow-paced story. Different elements of the storyline and points of view are slowly developed and set up, and then it all comes together, perfectly in the last part of the story. 

The writing is unique, I haven't read any other books that use the same writing style. It's slow, descriptive, more focuses, and somewhat aloof, but fits perfectly with the story told.

The best part about the book (and the series) is the magical system created. There are four Londons, parallel to each other, existing in the same place but not reachable to anyone, but Antari. Magicians, with the special kind of strong magic, that is evident in the eyes, have the ability to travel the worlds. There is Black London, which is destroyed, White London, where there is all about power and where there isn't much magic left, Red London, full of magic and the main setting for the story and Grey London void of magic. 

Smuggling by Antari Kell set a series of events in motion, that come to conclusion in A Conjuring of Light. Dark entities awakened by Holland come to Red London, taking over, while Kell, Lila, Holland, Alucard and Rhy struggle to maintain control and desperately try to find a way to trap it.

A perfect conclusion to the story, with a fitting ending for all involved. 

There is struggle, heartbreak and pain, but also love friendship and perseverance.

While the first one A Darker Shade of Magic, is still my favourite, I love reading A Conjuring of Light.
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Shades of Magic #3

fantasy, magic, ya, romance
February 21, 2017
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