The Broken Darkness by Theresa Braun

horror, short stories
February 13, 2023
number of pages


The Broken Darkness is a collection of 13 short stories. Each story is very different, dealing with different themes, from parallel timelines to demons and the deepest of people's minds, with a common element of horror. The stories suck you in, some are spooky, and some are very scary.

I liked reading collecting as a whole, there were a few that stood out to me.

Devlin got thrown out of his previous school for Satanism. Now at the new school, he fits in even less. He lives by a set of his own rules, and thinks with his own head, while in the middle of close-minded very religious people. Then few of the students want to take care of him in their own way.

Heathen was the most surprising one, one twist after another and I could never guess what will happen next.

Dying For An Invitation
Growing up she always felt a presence around her. He was always invisible, but always there for her. He listened and played with her. After high school, she moved away from home town and superstition. Now back to help her mother, she finds him once again.

It's dark and twisty in the best kind of way.

Stay Tunes
My favourite in the series. A group of videographer film a documentary/prank video and upload it on the dark web. They pick the target that has it coming in their opinion and prepare a prank with a horrific twist for them while filming it all.

It's very dark and bloody and so good! 

happy reading,
thanks to the author for the ARC


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