One French Summer by Gillian Harvey

romance, adult, contemporary
February 14, 2023, by Boldwood Books

Katy and her husband were on a trial separation. She always expected it to be just temporary, so she spend the last few months bettering herself and waiting for him. So when he calls to meet up, she is sure that they are getting back together, but the opposite happens. At about the same time she gets a call from her daughter who was travelling that she got a job and is staying on the other side of the world, in Australia. 

In a very short time life as she knew it disappears. She is not taking it well, but her friends, who have been there through it all have a plan. They take her to France on a holiday.

It's an opportunity to spend time together, for Katy to find herself, separate from her husband and to have a fresh tart. 

But it ends up being so much more for her.

I loved reading the book! It's a story of self-discovery, of love of true friendship mixed with humour.

My favourite part of the book was the friend group. They were very supportive, there for Kary no matter what and their banter was always funny. :) 

Highly recommend it!


Only child out of the house – so far out that she’s gone all the way to Australia! A husband, who has requested a break. Life isn’t quite going as planned for Katy.

She’s suddenly at a loss, but she still has her friends Sam, Vicky and Ivy. The girls have been there for her through thick and they’re not about to stop now. However, they think Katy might need more than boot camp . . . so they kidnap her and head off to France on a last minute retreat.

Can a reset give her a new lease on life or help her win back her husband? Or could there be a new love in her life?

She went for a holiday, but it could become the start of a second chance . . .

about the author

Gillian Harvey is a freelance journalist and the author of two well-reviewed women’s fiction novels published by Orion. She has lived in Limousin France for the past twelve years, from where she derives the inspiration and settings for her books. Her first title for Boldwood A Year at the French Farmhouse will be published in September 2022

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thanks to Boldwood Books for the ARC, all opinions are my own


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