Gigi, Listening by Chantel Guertin

romance, contemporary, adult
March 28th 2023 by Kensington
number of pages

rating ❤❤❤❤❤
cover ❤❤❤❤❤
Gigi loves books, especially the kind that have any kind of romance in them. She runs a bookshop that only sells romance books.

She also has a huge crush on a guy she never met. 
When she listened to an audiobook of a story that helped their parents get together, she fell in love with the guy reading it, just based on his voice.

Her friends buy her a ticket to England, on a tour bus, run by the guy she is crushing on. She believes that every great love has a great story of how they came together and she believes this is the start of hers. But when she arrives, she is very disappointed, the guy is not there due to some family emergency and is left to go on a tour bus with a bunch of strangers. It's hard to escape disappointment, but after a little while she makes friends with people on the bus. Especially with the driver. They have a special connection, but she is set on how her story should go.

Then the guy arrives finally, and slowly the romance she built in her mind crumbles. He is nothing like she imagined. But, just maybe she can see past the fantasy and notice what and who is really there for her.

It's such an awesome story, I had so much fun reading the book. So many different characters on the bus, each with their own quirk really made the story pop. And then there is Gigi, who goes through huge character development, learning to live, not just reading about living.

I adore the book! Highly recommend it!!!

happy reading,

got it on Netgalley, all thoughts are my own


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