Top 8 Retellings of 2022

Greek Myths, urban fantasy, romance
Hades spends half of his life on Earth and half in the Underworld. As one of the rare Gods who has a job, he is tasked with financing any other God who wants to visit Earth. There is one he can't pin down. Persephone lived a sheltered life, hidden from the world. After years of convincing she is allowed on Earth, only to run into her destiny.

Greek Myths, romance
Ariadne is the daughter of King Minos, the older sister of the Minotaur. Ariadne is the story retold from her point of view.

fantasy, fairytale retelling, magic, witches, romance
After being wronged by the kingdom, Lady Eville adopted 7 daughters and raised them as her own, to be used at the perfect time for revenge. Rosalie, the eldest and most powerful, is to be married to the crown prince of Baist. But there is a beast on a killing spree.

fantasy, ya
Girl, with a poisonous touch, hidden from the world, until she meets someone who makes her feel wanted.

urban fantasy, ya, romance
A rapunzel retelling, with a little bit of Jane Eyre, mixed in between and a whole lot of magic.

dystopian, ya, sci-fi, romance
Beauty and the beast retelling. Where he is a genetically engineered wolf hybrid and she is a pilot and a farmer. :)

dystopian, ya, sci-fi, romance
A rapunzel retelling, where she is a Lunar programmer trapped in a satellite and he is a charming criminal.

dystopian, ya, sci-fi, romance
A snow white retelling, where she is a delusional Lunar Princess and he is her guard, who would do anything to save her.

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