Top 5 Thrillers of 2022

seriel killer, 80s vibes
After her best friend is murdered, the young call girl is pushed back into the world of drugs and takes revenge on the people responsible for her death.

psychological thriller, mystery
A town is in lockdown due to an explosion. One grieving mother is on a mission to find the truth. There is something in the neighbour's attic and she will do anything to dip up the truth.

psychological thriller, serial killer
A crime writer finds a journal, a Christmas gift she forgot to open. Only it's not empty. At the start of every month are a name and town. Each time that person dies. Her name is scheduled for April 1st and time is running out.

mystery, Hollywood
Three best friends from Glasgow made it big in Hollywood. Their big break also broke their friendship. Now 20 years later, all the big names in the industry. Then the past comes back to bite them in the ass.

psychological thriller, serial killer, psychopath POV
Teens gather along the River every Friday. Deep in the Abbey psychopath is attacking victims and intimidating them to silence. Then the bodies start to paper. He is obsessed with just one girl, his girlfriend's twin sister.

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