Top 5 Dystopian Books of 2022

paranormal, dark, ya
In the little pockets of land, there are cities, far apart. In the different cities, different monsters prey on humans. After the events of This Savage Song, Kate found a place in Prosperity, while August became the ruler figure in Verity. An intense and very dark story. One the best I've read!

virtual reality, ya
The world is crumbling, and most of society works and lives in the world of virtual reality called Oasis. When the founder and owner died, he issued a competition. Who wins, inherited the Oasis.

dark, ya 
Shadow had to kill herself to exit the brutal game of killing or be killed, over and over. Now she finds herself in the headquarters of the company that created the game. Survival, high stakes and dark powers.
Earth needed help in order for people on it to survive. The help came with a heavy price. The aliens that help need to feed from humans, each night and human wear devices, that paralyse them, so they can't peak. One night Ari can't find the device and she peaks and her life will never be the same again.
aliens, ya
They came in waves. No one knows when the next wave will come or what horror it brings. They killed most of humanity. But Cassie is still on the run. She already lost her parents and now she will do anything to get her little brother back.

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