Top 22 of 2022

A girl with a deadly touch, Persian influence and a fairytale vibe.

A girl and her ghostly best friends running around New Orleans and getting into all sorts of troubles.
In the cities full of monsters, this is a story of Kate and August. One is finding a new beginning, and the other fell into the role, he never wanted. 

She came home after the summer away to find all of her friends pared up. She can be the third wheel or spend time with the guy she hates the most. The cutest ya romance!

He is captain of the robotic team and has his life all figured out, she got into robotics after one of the teachers noticed her talent and she is mostly going by the flow. They butt head in the most adorable way. A sweet enemies to lovers ya romance.

In future, everyone lives their lives in virtual reality, Oasis. When the owner dies, the company will go to the first person who solves all of the clues. Wade Watts only feels alive when he is hooked up to the Oasis and he devoted his life to studying all there is about it.

My favourite Bridgerton story- a steamy second-chance romance.

On the outside, Meg has a perfect life, a famous brother, successful career as an influencer, but in reality she not doing so good. The only person she can relate to online doesn't know who she is in real life. In fact, they openly hate each other. :) Beautiful, heartwarming ya enemies to lovers romance.
A hilarious steamy romance.
She was trapped in the game, where she had to kill or be killed. She killed herself, hoping to be free, but instead, she woke up in the headquarters of the game creators. Trapped again she is desperate to be free, again.
A Beauty and the Beast retelling set in a dystopian future.

An enemies to lovers office romance, that pulls at all of your heartstrings.

A retired's couple life gets turned upside down when she starts to see children on the porch, only they don't look right.

Megan devoted the last three years to the family bookshop. As a last resort to help save the bookshop they have a book signing for a famous author. But Megan dislikes Xander from the start. And he keeps showing up. :) Sweet enemies to lovers Christmas romance

A Beauty and the Beast retelling set in a fantasy world. Lady Eville was wronged by the kingdom. She adopted 7 daughters and will use them to exact revenge when the time is right. First is Rosalie, who will have to marry the Crown Prince of Baist. But the kingdom has a problem with a beast killing people left and right.

Aliens are coming each night, feeding on people and no one is supposed to look. One night Ari can't find her device and decides to take her chance. She will be still and won't peak. Until she does. 
She is in love with her boss. When she realizes that he will never notice her, she quits and decides to travel with Grandma's Airstream and become an influencer. He is desperate to have her back so he joins her. Close quarters, incredible chemistry and sparks fly.
My favourite in the series.

The sweetest story of two boys falling in love.

A very addicting story, part mystery part coming-of-age story.

Ariadne is a daughter of the king of Minos, and an older sister of the Minotaur, wife to Dionysus. But this is not their story, it's hers.

An unknown reporter is tasked with writing a biography for one of the most famous movie stars.

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