At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey

Gaming the System #1
romance, contemporary, adult
December 9, 2013
number of pages
rating ❤❤❤
cover ❤

Mia loves to play video games and write about them on her blog.  She also wants to become a doctor, but one failed test and she is not sure if the dream is even a possibility anymore.

She desperately needs money. Her mother had cancer and the hospital bill are huge, and she also wants to go to medical school and not be buried in debt. So she auctions her virginity to the highest bidder on her Blog. 

That's how she meets Adam Drake. A billionaire game designer. He is not very keen on going through with the deal and is determined to prolong the experience as much as he can.

It's such an addicting book to read, I couldn't put it down, till the last page. I only wish it was a standalone not a part of the series...

happy reading,


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