Rewrite the Rules by Kay Cove

Love, Me & the 303 #2
number of pages
romance, contemporary, adult, steamy

rating ❤❤❤
cover ❤❤❤
OMG, I loooved reading the book. When I turned the last page, I wanted to start again. It's cute, sweet, steamy, funny and totally un-put-down-able at the same time. 💜

Adler works a boring office job to pay the bills by the day and works as a ghostwriter at night. After her first attempt at writing her own book failed, she lost confidence in herself and her own work. However the latest piece she did, proved to be very successful. She wrote a steamy breakup book for a famous author, even though she has no experience in real life. 

Joel never wants to get married or have kids. He grew up seeing his parents fight all of the time and was convinced that marriage brings the worst out of people. His last relationship ended because of it and it wasn't pretty. He needed a fresh start, so he moved to Denver and took work at a venture capitalist firm. He is Adler's new boss. 

From the moment they met, there is an instant connection between them and a butt load of chemistry. They set on just being fun bunnies, but even though it works well at first, Adler finds herself wanting more.

I loved every page of the book, it's funny, steamy and pulling at your heartstring at the same time. I adored Adler's spunk and sarcasm. Her chosen family, and the friend group she has, are totally friendship goals!

Highly recommend it!

happy reading,

received from Hidden Gems Books, all thoughts and opinions are my own


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