Chasing Romeo by Sarah Ready

Soul Mates in Romeo #1
May 25th 2021 by Swift & lewis Publishing LLC
number of pages
romance, contemporary, adult

rating ❤❤
cover ❤❤❤❤

Chloe is romantic to the point of total insanity. She believes in soul mates and is truly desperate for her HEA. When she hears that her soul mate is her first kiss and that she has to find him in one week, she jumps right in. Nick is her ex, and also a private investigator who is hired to help her track down all of the Matt Smith's that maybe are her first kiss.

He is the voice of reason, but also very much in love with her. 

I really wanted to love the book, but it went from cute to funny to wtf am I read with each Matt they visited. Also, her need to find and marry a soulmate, right now, is weird, especially when you hear about all of the previous relationships that she had, where the guys were really horrible, but she didn't see that. It makes you question her sanity.
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