It Was You: Lily's Story by Nora Edington

May 29th 2022
number of pages
romance, adult, contemporary

rating ❤❤❤
cover ❤❤

Lily just found out that her boyfriend is actually married and lied about everything. Angry she decides to drown her heartbreak in alcohol and ends up in a bed with a complete stranger. She moves to another town, to live with her sister and escape everything that happened, only she got pregnant. 

Now it's two years later. She is a single mother living in a cute house with her sister and raising her daughter with the help of her family. She goes on a date, for the first time in forever with Jake. They hit it off instantly and sparks are all over the place.

But the past has a way up haunting you. 

It's a lovely story with an interesting storyline, but I had trouble connecting to the writing style.

happy reading,
received from Hidden Gems Books, all thoughts and opinions are my own


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