Royal Pickle by J. J. Knight

February 28th 2022
number of pages
romance, contemporary, adult

rating ❤❤❤❤❤
cover ❤❤❤

I've read the first book in the series (Big Pickle), loved it and kind of forgot about the series. I didn't realize Royal Pickle was in the same series, I just liked the title, until I realized I remember some of the stuff and looked it up.

Sunny works at a family deli and has big dreams. She wants to be a poet and constantly comes up with dirty limericks- it's hilarious. One day a guy stumbles into the shop, does an army crawl and proceeds to hide in the bathroom. When the reporters drop in, she pretends like there no one came in. Turns out, the crazy guy is Leo, and he is a prince in hiding.

His parents gave him 10 years to find a princess and marry for love. The time has passed and all he does is sleep around. Now he has to pick a bride and on a whim decides to pick Sunny. The wedding will have to be in just seven days in his country.

It's totally crazy, but Sunny decides to go for it. There is mad chemistry between them, but not everyone is happy with the arrangement and will do anything necessary to make sure that the wedding doesn't happen.

It's steamy, it's funny and there are donkeys everywhere.

I absolutely loved reading it, it's one of the funniest books I've read in a long time.

Highly recommend it!

happy reading,


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