Heated by Naima Simone

Burned, Inc. #1
July 5th 2022 by Montlake
number of pages
romance, contemporary, adult, fake to real

rating ❤❤❤
cover ❤❤❤
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From USA Today bestselling author Naima Simone comes Heated, a sizzling novel about a breakup professional who embarks on a fake relationship with a client’s ex—the one person she wasn’t supposed to fall for.


I’m Denver’s unmatchmaker. Every city needs one.

Why? Because people break up—and sometimes they should. But when I learn that entertainment attorney Cyrus Hart is someone else’s mistake, I can’t believe it. He’s smart, successful, and sexy as hell.

When a chance encounter with Cyrus turns into something more, I can’t help but fall for him. Our chemistry is undeniable. But his ex used my company to send him that letter—and that’s a problem. Especially since he doesn’t know I own the company.

How can this possibly work? I know from experience that the riskiest ventures are the worthiest ones…but falling for Cyrus Hart may be my biggest gamble yet.


I’m a man with a plan—college, law school, a great career. So far, so good.

Until a stranger shows up on my doorstep and reads me a breakup letter from my girlfriend. My carefully laid plans unravel.

But then I meet someone new. It’s spontaneous. It’s electric. And it’s not according to plan.

Zora and her two siblings created Burned, Inc. A company that specialises in helping people break up peacefully. Their parents always eat each other throats and often put kids in the middle of their arguments. Zora was always the peacekeeper. She tried to calm the waters but that kind of role took a lot out of her. 

Due to being short-staffed, she is out to deliver the latest break-up news. What she doesn't expect is to fall for a guy she is supposed to bring the bad news to. He is breathtakingly gorgeous and there is this insane chemistry between them. But she really shouldn't.

Cyrus had a thought childhood, so he ensured that his life would follow the plan. When a gorgeous girl shows up on his doorstep to deliver the breakup letter, part of his plan goes up in flames. But for some reason, he can't stop thinking of that girl and her curves.

It's an intense romance, there is steam but also depth.

I was taken by the book and couldn't put it down till the end.

about the author
Published since 2009, USA Today Bestselling author Naima Simone loves writing sizzling romances with heart, a touch of humor and snark. Her books have been featured in The Washington Post and Entertainment Weekly, and described as balancing “crackling, electric love scenes with exquisitely rendered characters caught in emotional turmoil.”

She is wife to Superman, or his non-Kryptonian, less bulletproof equivalent, and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, sometimes domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.

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  1. Great review! This sounds like a compelling romance from start to finish! So glad you liked it!

  2. thank you😁yes it's so good!!!


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