The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

Bridgertons #1
number of pages
January 5th 2000
romance, historical, regency, adult

rating ❤❤❤❤❤
cover ❤❤❤❤
The book that started the obsession.

Daphne is the oldest daughter of the late Viscount and 4th of the 8th siblings. She had a few seasons already, but no marriage proposal on the sight. She believes it's because everyone sees her as a friend, not someone you would desire. Simon thinks it has something to do with 3 older, overprotective brothers.

Simon is the son of the late Duke. Returned home after many years abroad, only after his father dies. Determined to not get married and have children, he is set to miss this year's season, and when that goes the wrong way, he and Daphne form an agreement.

They will pretend to form a union so that marriage hungry mamas will leave him alone, and the prospect of marrying a duke will make Daphne more desirable in men's eyes.

But there is something brewing between them. :)

While the story isn't perfect by no means (especially that Daphne/ Simon scene), there is something about it, that makes me want to return to this world time and time again. And once I read it again, I'm hooked all over again.

happy reading,


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