the book that ruins you for all of the other books

I was never one for romance books. Especially a full-blown romance, no paranormal, no superpowers, no vampires, it was a thank you, next. :) Fast forward to the last summer. I watched the Bridgertons on Netflix and adore it, and of course, the book is better so read the first one soon after. I was in love. A few months passed and I forgot all about it. Then I stumbled on the second book in the library. And by the time I finished it, I was hooked. Not just with the book, but with the whole series. I've the rest soon after and I'm obsessing over the series ever since.

It has happened again. The Bridgertons have become that book for me, no the kind that opens a genre to a new reader, but the kind that put a locked door on it. :) The kind that becomes the only book that I can read in the genre.

I've read a few books that are similar since. But it's not the same.

And it's the only book/series that has ruined the genre for me. It's the same with the Percy Jackson series and any kind of Rick Riordan book for Greek/Roman myths. Anytime I read a book with a mythology aspect, all I can think of is where is Percy and this is not how Rick Riordan writes it. :)

Or Twilight. And I don't even like Bella, or books 2-4
to be honest. My favourite is the Midnight Sun. Regardless, ever since then no vampire, is THE vampire unless it's Edward.

Do you have a book that has ruined the genre for you?

happy reading,


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