In League with Ivy by J. J. Sorel

number of pages
March 19th
contemporary, romance, adult


Ivy lives with her hippy mom and tries to find a way to be an independent, successful and strong woman. It's not going all that well. :) She works at her mother's store and tries to run a blog on the side, but it feels like her heart isn't in it. 8 months ago she fell hard for Chase Elliot, the billionaire playboy. But she wanted more than him, so they broke up. Now they are friends with benefits, but it's very hard not to get the feels. 

Chase was used to being carefree. His days consisted of partying and pretty girls, but now he faces an ultimatum. He needs to get married and take over the company. For neither of which he is ready. But the more time he spends with Ivy, the more he can imagine what the future could be like. The only problem, he didn't mention the ultimatum to Ivy.

It's a romantic and very steamy story, there is a lot of chemistry between them, and the sparks were flying all over the place. :) I like the general storyline and was smiling all through the story. 

At places, especially in the middle, it felt like the story was dragging a bit. 

happy reading,

Thank you Hidden Gems Books for the ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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