With Love From Rose Bend by Naima SImone

received from Netgalley


Rose Bend #3
number of pages
March 29th 2022 by HQN Books
contemporary, romance, adult


Leonthyda runs the family inn and likes to keep extra busy. Some might call her a bit of a control freak. She pour all of her into the inn and there is not much left for social life.

One year ago she had a one night stand. It was the best night, but she left before she could say goodbye. When her mother hurts her ankle, she takes over some of her responsibilities. One of them is to convince football players to judge the chilly contest at the spring festival. 

When she knocked on the door she is very surprised to see her one night stand, who pretends that he does know her. So she does the same. :)

He is not interested in being a part of any town stuff and is quite rude. But convinces his best friend, also a famous player, to do it instead of him. 

Leo gets roped into doing the pageant at the festival. The trouble is that she has horrible stage fright. Owen comes to the rescue. His best friend's wife is a former Miss USA and he asks her to coach her.

Owen is an ex-football player, currently retired and hiding from the words in Rose Bend. He had a car accident, that left his face scared and he is too afraid to face people. He is a walking contradiction. On one side he is extremely nice and helpful, on another side he is very rude. :)

Even though the sparks are flying, it takes a lot for them both to get over themselves and find their happily ever after.

My favourite part of the story is Leo. Especially her wicked tongue, I was laughing all throughout the story.

"Dang it, Jenna. I'm sorry. I've looked but I can't seem to find where I left that last fu- "

It's not just a love story, it's about overcoming fears, dealing with trauma and rough childhood.

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