Reading Diary #5/22

I've read so many books, so many awesome books, in December, that it put me in a slump for most of January. I took it slow, didn't force myself to read. That is making sure way to make yourself hate reading-been there, done that. As January turned to February, I got the itch again. To read. All of the books. :)

I have so many books on Netgalley, that I decided to start there.
First, one that caught my eye was With Love From Rose Bend by Naima Simone. It's the third one in the series and I enjoyed reading the first two, so I gave it a go. It's sweet, feel-good, small-town romance, perfect to get back into reading and just makes me feel good and hopeful and all mushy. :)

I have this bad habit of starting a book, reading a few pages and then forgetting about it for a long time. Today I wanted to finish a few of those books that were all in various stages of being read. First was Model Behaviour by Tricia Lynne. It was OK. Those are the books I dislike reading the most. OK-ish books. When the book is like meh, it puts in such a funk. I wanted to like it, but the was so much unnecessary info that it dampened any warm feeling I had for the story. 

It didn't disappoint me as much as the next one. The Last Duke Standing by Julia London, I was sure I'm going to love it. Last summer I got all obsessed with historical romance (thanks Bridgertons), and I'm always looking for a new fix. :) Haven't found anything yet. Long story short, it was dull. 

This was the book that made me cry for the better part of it. It's just
heartbreaking and frustrating and I absolutely loved it! :) Ten Years by Hughes Pernille is a wonderful story of grief and second chances. He lost his fiance, she lost her best friend. They both grieved in a different way, but one thing that they had in common was how much they hated each other. They got one request from beyond the grave, like a bucket list of things she couldn't do. Each year they get together and do one until they ran out. No matter the life circumstances they somehow always bump into each other until they fall in love. 

It's just, it's awesome. Read it! :)

I got up at the crack of dawn, woken by my growling stomach. :) I started The Adoption Surprise. I was sure it would be this new take on The Parent Trap (I love that movie), but it was such a disappointment. I mean it wasn't bad, but there was some stuff that I didn't like the way adoption is treated or the religious aspect. I don't mind religiousness in the book, but the role it had, it encompasses all of the things I dislike about religion - hero complex, superiority. 

Sunday afternoon, and what better way to spend it than a spy book. I
love watching spy/thriller movies, but books are either hit or miss. This one, Humans, Practicing by Megan Carney, it's awesome. :) I got so into it I had to read it in one sitting, it has suspense, high stakes, hacker - everything. :)

One of my favourite places to read it is in the bathtub. Where do you like to read? I started Wicked King I've been looking forward to reading it, I got it on my birthday in December. I really loved it so far. 

It was one of those days when it felt like a headless chicken for the
most part. :) I started The Last Celestial by Becca Mionis - fellow blogger, first book. :) I did really like the story, while dialogues could use more work, for the most part, it was good. I didn't get to finish it cause Netflix wait for no man (or woman) :)

happy reading,


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