Pumpkin Everything by Beth Labonte

An Autumnboro Sweet Romance #1
number of pages
September 1st 2018
romance, contemporary, adult

Such a feel-good romance, with cosy fall vibes. Reading it, I could almost smell the fall air. :) All about second chances and finding yourself. 

When her grandfather driver through Dunkin Donat’s front window and breaks his wrist, Amy’s mother wants to put him in a home. 

Amy has cancelled her wedding, has the biggest writer's block and loves the house her grandfather lives in (even though she hasn’t gone back in ages), so decides to visit him for feel week, help him get back on his feet. 

She left home after high school and never looked back. Her best friend growing up still lives there (his family rented the bottom part of the house). In their teenage years, they became more than friends, but things went sideways after a tragedy.

Faced with the past, it’s not easy and brings up a lot of bad memories and feelings. They grow close again, but Kit had a secret that Amy surely won’t take easily. 

I adore the setting and the story. However, Amy was a bit hard to like. She can be very selfish to the point of being unreasonable. But the romance is very cute. :)

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