Our Dark Duet by V. E. Schwab

Monsters of Verity #2
number of pages
June 13th 2017 by Greenwillow Books
ya, fantasy, dystopia, paranormal

The story is set a few months after the events of This Savage Song

Kate has found a place for herself in Prosperity. She works with a little group of people, who have pledged themselves to find monsters.  Each city has its own challenges, its own monsters and here she can become someone else, someone who isn't known just as Harker. The last one Kate encounter is something totally different and fighting it, it's almost impossible.

When it flees to Verity, she returns to pursue it and has to step back into her past role. And they meet again. 

August has become what he believes Verity needed. With so many voices pushing him, especially his brother's, that lives inside, he pushed the parts of him, the ones he use to cling to, aside. He became Sinai, the ruthless devourer of sinners and not just August.
Being around Kate changes that. She constantly opposes him, challenges him and draws him back out. 

The start of the book is slow, filled with introspection and setting up for the latter half. That is where it all comes together and falls apart. 

Our Dark Duet is even darker than This Savage Song. It's filled with monsters and people making hard choices. It's about staying true to yourself and finding the grey in the world of black and white. 

If you haven't read it yet, highly recommend it!

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