Fear University by Meg Collett

Fear University #1
number of pages
November 9th 2015
urban fantasy, paranormal, ya


Highly recommend!

She was abandoned by her mother, bounced from foster home to foster home, until the last one. Where it was especially horrific. She manage to kill her captor and escaped. Now she is on the run.

She has a medical condition, she can’t feel pain and that made her a special kind of target.

One night going home from a waitressing job, she is attacked by a monster. She manages to fight him off, but after she is basically kidnapped and taken to a strange new place, a Fear University. Where they train aswang killers. They don’t take outsiders, but she an exception, because she could fight monsters alone and because she can’t feel pain. 

The school feels like a prison in many ways, but she is determined to fit in, to try very hard. But there is something off about the place, things don’t add and it hides many secrets.

When she discovers who she is and what people she trusted are capable of, she wants to run, but it might be too late to escape.

It’s one of those books that you can’t stop reading once you start. It’s intense, the storyline has so many twists and turns, I was constantly at the edge of my seat. It’s just so good! :)

happy reading,


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