Charm School After Dark by Lynn Garcia Carmer

Charm School #1
number of pages
January 2021
contemporary, romance, adult, extra spicy

Caelen Calvo and her three sisters (the are quadruplets) have inhered charm school. The same school where they found refuge when they were younger. The only problem is not many young people are interested in etiquette lessons. The former headmistress has come up with a plan, that could save them.

Quads have no choice but to follow it. The idea was to teach adult classes. 

Caelen classes will have to focus on Oral Instructions. :) To prepare for class, she needs someone to... practice on. :) 

Dare has always been in love with her, but he also always torture her, so he is a perfect choice. 

The prep is fun, but it doesn't take much to open gates to what it could have been.

It's a very spicy book, and so so funny. :) 

happy reading,


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