Lust by S. N. Hunt

received from author

Seven Princes of Sin #1
number of pages
November 15th, 2021
romance, paranormal

Living in a bad part of the town, Donna is not a stranger to the drugs and violence that comes with it. 

Donna’s life was never easy. The father left when she was young and it left a huge mark on her, especially because she lost her mother in way too. Mother couldn’t cope with loss and gave into drugs, leaving Donna to raise herself. 

Now, as an adult, she is trapped in an extremely abusive relationship with the leader of the local branch of a gang called Saints. She is closed from the world, beaten, and exploited daily.

Then the new players move in, Princes of Sin, that have a reputation of taking out other gangs.

Each Prince has a different place in the theme of the sin they represent. First opened is the Lust.

The Saints decide to send in the spy, to infiltrate and kill the owner, Adam. And Donna seems like the easiest choice. She doesn’t get a choice though, she has to do as she is told. But this job might just be the best opportunity for an escape. 

Adam takes her in and gives her a job as a housekeeper. And what was the biggest thing, treat her with respect. Being is safe, gave her a starting point, a chance to heal and find what love is supposed to be like.

But Saints are not backing down and she is still in danger. 

There are many more secrets that slowly come forth. The ending was very unexpected. While the story is a romance, there is so much more to it. It deals with heavy topics of abuse, exploitation, and drug use. Those topics are not sugar-coated, so read trigger warnings before. But there is also hope, the big picture behind it all, and love (and a happy ending (and a very just one for one of the bad guys :) )).

It’s the kind of story that stays with you, makes a mark on your heart, and changes you a bit.

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