Tethered Spirits by T. A. Hernandez

Amar has traveled for years, trying to find answers for what is going on with him. Every time he dies, he comes back to life, but without any memories of what happened before that moment. He, his companions are the closest to the answers as they ever were. 

But they are being pursued by a woman desperately trying to save her brother, and she thinks that Amar's condition might be the answer.

The story is set in a high fantasy world, filled with mysterious magic and different nations. The structure of the magical system and lay of the land is unveiled slowly, through the storyline. While I like that, I was a bit lost at the beginning. 

It's a very complex story, with many twists and turns. 

For the first third of the book, I had a hard time getting into the story. After that, I started really liking it.

received from author
Curse of Shavhalla #1
number of pages
December 14th, 2021 by Sanita Street Publishing
high fantasy, magic

happy reading,


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